Sunday, April 01, 2012

Vitriol Beyond Compare!

At age 69 I am experienced in Presidential campaigns and politics. However, that being said, I am NOT experienced at the vitriol and out-right attacks of the GOP candidates upon one-another. Rick Santorum.....fighting an up-hill battle which he has ZERO chance of attacking any and every thing about Mitt. That may be what he sees as his only opportunity to get back-in-the-race.....but it is instead a death knell to him as a potential VP/Secretary/etc. if and when Mitt wins the Presidency.

To me this smacks of the entire violently-acidic candidacies of this year. It has nothing to do with a GOP is ALL about the individual candidate.

We have here a President so weakened by his amateurism/lack of connection with the public/etc. as to make him an EASY defeat. But these GOP candidates, still working very, very hard to destroy one another, are leaving marks from which the GOP candidate (Romney) may have a hard time recovering. Forget the platitudes which will flow from Santorum's mouth, following his defeat.....He has cost his team, and cut their chances. He has stepped onto a field beyond previous contests.

Obama is counting upon this....readying videos of the attacks/the charges/ the missteps..... Obama is not a dummy. Hew is incapable of governing, but deftly able at assassination of opponents. It is going to be a long election cycle....and I am already ready to hide/cut off communication!