Monday, March 12, 2012

"Look Over There at The Mountain!"

A good number of years ago the title phrase crept into our family. Its use was as a deflector when one of us didn't wish to answer a certain question, or continue a certain line of discussion.

It seems to me this is the line of reasoning President Obama is using continually this campaign year. Oil prices spiral up and he wants to talk about nasty talk show hosts who use derogatory names, even if the person so named is an activist, most likely being booked onto the MSM circuit by former Presidential representatives just to perpetuate his feigned outrage. All of which points to the fact the President's talking points quickly become the talking points of a complicit media which constantly circles its wagons around the President's positions.

Even in the face of his attempts to point out the imaginary mountains it is indeed good to note his ratings are tumbling almost as fast as the oil prices are rising. Obviously imaginary mountains no longer fool the public, much duped in 2008 by the "Hope & Change" version of "Look over there at the mountains!"

Perhaps we, as a voting public, are a bit less naive this time around.