Monday, November 08, 2010

Ah Nancy, We Knew You Well!

DAMN! At least some Democrats are penning a letter to Nancy Pelosi saying that they want her to step aside and allow new leadership.

These DEMs obviously know that leaving Nancy in the leaders post...even though not speaker...would provide the GOP a HUGE headstart on attacking any and all DEM action through to the 2012 elections.

No delivery on the letter yet, but it is already circulating in DC.

Sorry, as a Tea Party guy, to see this....loved having the full Nancy target at which to shoot. However, that said, these DEMs at least show that contrary to Nobama, Slow-Joe, and Nancy's apparent lack of recognition as to what Nov. 3 meant this year, they have a grasp of the dire straights in which they find themselves.

Of course, a part of their cognizance is the fact O, J & N have all said Obamacare must stay with only minor tweaking...a fact outside the parameters of the new House.