Wednesday, May 05, 2010

WE WON!!!!....WE ARE MARVELOUS!!!!!.....(Er, we were Lucky????)

The mighty USA task force(s)......NYPD, FBI, NTSB, Homeland Security, DOJ, WH, et al universal "solvers-of-all-problems!"took down the alledged bomber who tried to obliterate a large portion of Times Square.


1) The guy succeeded in making his bomb.

2) The guy managed to deliver the bomb.

3) He managed to fire it (The firing failed!).

4) He managed to escape (except the failed-firing gave officials info that led to him!)

5) He managed to board and be accepted as a passenger of an airliner headed for Dubai, and then wherever he would have liked (except the "no-fly-list" finally kicked in and caught the guy ON-THE-PLANE-ON-THE-RUNWAY....YIKES That was close.

So as I read this....IF the bomb had gone BOOM!...the guy would have not been identified in time, possibly hundreds could have been killed/maimed/wounded...and the guy would have flown away to become the latest poster-child for terrorists around the world...and we'd have had a wrecked SUV as evidence.

Nice work Obama & Co.

You escaped detection and identification, once again, as weak, inefficient, and lacking in basic coordination skills...& Of course you are all taking the obligatory victory lap as successful.....

The lone reason you may do so???? This dufuss was ignorant, lacking in bomb skills, and highly STUPID!

Nothing to do with your skills, your resources, your planning/training/staffing.

YOU FAILED as badly as did the Terrorist!!!


ER....NOTE TO DEMs.....During Bush's watch there were NO credible such incidents. Now they are happening with a frequency that suggests they WILL SUCCEED at some point in the not-too-distant future!

SAD!......Do you miss him yet? Much as I disliked many of his decisions they were far better than those now being made.