Thursday, March 04, 2010

So How Would YOU....Like To Be.....Chairman-For-A-Day?

The circus of DEMs continues to amuse even the most dry-wit people on Earth. They are in the process of Mr. Rangel...., well, EX-CUSE-ME...Congressman Rangel! In the process with him being 0 and 1 in investigations about his "operations" and I do use the term loosely....and facing more charges than a mine loaded with blasting powder....He steps aside for Rep. "I lost my mind"....well, for 24 hours, and then the DEMs realized they had made yet another Boo-Boo...and changed again to sit in the Chair another DEM who is also bad, but less so than the 1st alternative to the "stepped down temporarily" chairman.....

Well, hell...just go...and R-E-A-D The details!!!

OMG! Are the DEMs still a party?