Monday, March 08, 2010

Obama: "It's Razor Sharp I Tell Ya, Razor Sharp!"

In the SOTU speech Obama was all about his razor sharp focus on jobs, jobs, jobs.

One week later he was back ramming health care takeover down our throats. Now he's off next to know making another gazillion folks legal who will probably vote Democrat.

Now, what impact is this having on our jobs recovery?

Bill Dunkelberg of the National Federation of Independent Business:

"The horizon is filled with cost unknowns, from healthcare to cap and trade to yawning deficits and the need to come to grips with them, from paid family and medical leave to card check, from expiration of the Bush tax cuts to state decisions about their finances. Washington cannot expect small business owners, facing difficult economic circumstances anyway, to commit themselves to investing in new employees or equipment and vehicles without acknowledging and revealing the policy-inspired costs that will be imposed on them. It is all about uncertainty and confidence."

That's it long as Obama tinkers with all the government growth programs and pays no heed to what actually has time after time recovered jobs (you know cuts for business, and a stable environment without government tinkering) we'll not recover the jobs.