Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dither-Dither; Shuffle-Shuffle....

Hopey-Changey Guy has once again shown his mighty deductive powers in a swift pair of non-decisions.

First, following literally months of dithering on Afghanistan, and meetings by the score with military top leaders, civilian authorities, etc. and nearing a final decision his in-the-field military leader asked be made quickly....WHOA! "I don't like what I see, so we are going to begin again again." Back to square one. That was a really tricky, masterful decision to both quell the furor of the home folks over his lack of decisiveness and at the same time remind those other world leaders who are working with us that PrezBO does not have their backs.

Then, he is now planning a use of TARP know, the ones we are printing as we help curb the growing deficit. That is a brilliant solution...It gives us both the use of the funds to create a stable business community for perpetuation of the deficit, and at the same time sets up the need for a new round of TARP and/or (Lack of)Stimulus funding.

This guy hits a home, I mean strikes out each time he steps to the plate. What a leader!