Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OUCH! - That's Gotta Hurt (Obama!)

After siding with the likes of Chavez, Castro & other luminaries of Socialist discontent saying that Zelaga was illegally removed, PrezBO is probably really bummed out that THE U.N. Reports the removal was LEGAL!

Boy, just when you win a Nobel Peace Prize somebody you think you trust knifes your support for overthrowing the rule of law....oh, wait you did that by giving the auto companies (GM & Chrysler) to the unions as campaign payoffs too...over the actual ownership rights of the stockholders.

Some days your Nobel just does not get you out the gate and running.


UPDATE: Thanks Little Duke for the Cross-Post and another slant on this. By the way the UN now sez the report was merely a consultant, so it does not count. RIGHT...Did the WH-UN phone line get overheated. The UN better watch it, or they'll be thrown into the FOXNews category!