Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama Tween A Rock & A Hard Place On Afghanistan!

His "The Taliban could be part of the government" statement indicated he was headed directly to a "no new forces as the insurgents can participate in this government and we'll all be happy" sort of an excuse for no action has blown up in his face as the Taliban claims victory when we remove ourselves from one untenable the current round of Taliban attacks in Pakistan.

Eventually Obama SHOULD recognize the state-of-affairs and grant the requested troops....but that is simply not in his surrender-at-all-costs nature.

Obama will find some obtuse argument that we REALLY don't need more troops because (WHATEVER!)....

His argument will be interesting, and sure to cause much more controversy. Obama is ill-equipt to handle such decisions, and his WRIGHT-AYERS-Whomever guiding coalition of advisers are just as clueless!

We are doomed to multiples of the Carter debacle until 2012.....

We may never recover as a nation!