Thursday, October 08, 2009

ObamaCare...vis-a-vis Baucus DOES NOT EXIST!

Smoke & Mirrors.......Sell the sizzle, not the steak.......GOTTCHA! Part 7 er 8 er 9....


Then you are deaf, dumb and Democrat!

We are being sold a bill of goods entitled "just give me your money and healthcare & I'll take really, really, really good care of (your money!)...."

That is what we have folks, but is there any hope of stopping this massive fraud upon the USA? I doubt it.

Given my age of 66 plus, I guess I'll be either dead or unable to discern any lack-of-treatment by the time the DEM Dirge fully kicks in, but my kids/grands will inherit this "let-us-be-like-England/Canada" plan and suffer while the controlling pols lick their chops for more ways to fleece the public.

Welcome to Socialism!