Wednesday, October 14, 2009

But, But, But....Where's My Global Warming?

Two named hurricanes; 8 tropical storms.....It's mid-October!

Upper level wind shear, Atlantic Tropical waters TWO DEGREES COOLER....

This whole (lack of) global warming thingee is working real well for me.

11 years of cooler weather....the list goes on and on.

I do notice the "climate change" thing is now the only phrase out there, and even AlGore is refusing to take questions again. He had not allowed any questions for years. He opens them one time and somebody actually....well, you know, ASKED A QUESTION! The guys microphone was quickly silenced and AlGore ignored the question. All the guy did was ask him to explain those multiple pesky lies contained in his movie.

Yikes; YOU asked The AlGore to actually discuss/answer/explain.....How dumb is that. If GW proves false his massive investments in alternative energy will fail. Cannot have that from Mr. I Burn Lotza Watts!