Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Stop There!

(A Little Duke Post!)

I am about to surprise many people that know me by saying that I agree with the idea of prosecuting the people responsible for the torture committed by the United States. Now, I haven’t said it yet because I have a question for the proponents of taking this step.

Do you really want to go after those that broke the law or do you just hate Bush / Cheney / etc. that much? Oh, I know he’s the devil. (You are in good company thinking that… Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Il and Akma-Imanutjob all think the same way, but you can’t always be judged by the company you keep) Never the less, the question stands.

If it’s really the torture that you hate and you feel it’s against the law, let’s get the people responsible. Obviously, we start with Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld. Don’t forget to go after the lawyers that gave their opinion to all the parties involved and who actually wrote the memos that have been released. They are just as guilty.

Don’t stop there.

Members of Congress were briefed. We have the Armed Services Committee and the leaders of the House and Senate. They were also in on it. It was against the law and they did nothing. Goodbye Pelosi, Reed and Hillary Clinton among others.

Wait, did you not say that the people responsible should be prosecuted? You can’t pick and choose who gets nailed; they were all in on it. Anything less than full prosecution would just suggest that all you ever really wanted was Bush’s head on a platter.

Don’t stop there. (This is getting fun)

Once Obama leaves office (2012 or 2016), it’s time to go after his administration. Someone find me the part of the constitution that allows our imperial federal government to do TARP and own banks and bail out private companies, etc… not there, therefore it’s all against the law. There goes Obama, Biden (Bush if he’s out yet, same for Pelosi, Reed and the rest). We’ll have to go after their lawyers as well. Are we having fun yet?

Where does it stop? Let’s do this and watch how fast good, qualified people run away from ever wanting to be in government or even advise someone running for office. You think we have nut-jobs running the country now? (Both parties!) Wait until we start second guessing everyone who ever makes a decision in government.

We live in a country where we can debate policy, change policy and even reverse policy with a new administration. God help us when we start seeing every administration go after the last. It will never end and leave us far weaker in the process.

I think Obama and Congress are breaking the Constitution (The Law) as we speak, but I do not want anyone to start talking about prosecutions after 2012. It can lead nowhere good.

Little Duke