Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tampa Tea Party

Update: Jacksonville Tea Party seen by Little Duke...pic and story at end of this piece!

A boisterous and loud crowd of perhaps 4-5,000 gathered in downtown Tampa's Lykes Gaslight Square for a Tea Party this afternoon from 5 to 7pm.
The event was the second of the day with an earlier noon version hosting a much smaller crowd. From across the street the size of the crowd, which fairly filled the city block sized park.
Speakers...not politicians...were cheered as they spoke of the anger and dismay of our self-described middle-of-the-road crowd.
I asked the young lady below for a picture of her sign and she took my site name so she could show her boyfriend she had been there....
And, finally, this lady displayed the emotion I had....I sincerely hope the pols in DC can indeed hear us now!
One of the organizers announced that a permit was issued today for a huge Tea Party planned for Washington, DC September 12th. That should prove very interesting.


Update:Jacksonville Landing Tea Party.
Little Duke here….

Hello from sunny Jacksonville, FL. I attended a Fair Tax rally on Saturday here at the Landing (downtown Jacksonville) and there were about 1500 people. I was afraid that the Tea Party would be even less attended. After all, the rally on Saturday had Ander Crenshaw, Herman Cain and Neal Boortz as headliners. Also, today is a Wednesday. Much harder to get people out on a workday than a Saturday.… Our TEA Party didn’t stand a chance.

I was so wrong. 4,000 or so people crammed into the Landing to hear a succession of speakers from every walk of life and nearly every age. This is grassroots. No politicians (that I could see), no paid celebrities, just fed up people. One more thing; I didn’t hear one snipe at a party or a person (of the Presidential nature). Every speaker seemed to be mad at the political class in general. I didn’t see Republicans or Democrats. I just saw mom and pop standing up to say “No More!”

It was inspirational.