Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A NEW GOP Direction?

We Three RINOs Turncoats Are!

How about this for a new GOP direction? I mean it cannot be any worse than what we have....NOTHING!

The GOP needs to make #1 for the near future (they have nothing else to do) the un-election of the three RINOs as both a cure for the Senate situation and as a strong message that there are prices to pay for dropping your party like a hot rock.

A Dem PrezBo; a Dem Senate (made filibuster-proof via the Three knuckleheads above); a Dem Congress; and, a gullible electorate which actually believed in "hope & change" as a G-O-O-D thing!

We need something.....a completely undivided GOP would have been best. The strong GOP unity, excepting the RINOs is still a very good thing. Make our efforts count; clease the mess first, and then move to take back our country...if there is anything left...following the debacle sure to follow this Dem spend-a-palooza.