Tuesday, February 03, 2009

May Day! - May Day! Reality Bites PrezBo on The Axx!

You can almost hear the screams for help as the good ship Obama-pop slides into a deep dive.

Engine #1 fails - The new CZAR is out cause of taxes

Engine #2 fails - Daschle excuses himself, then drops out after his 14th excuse.

Engine #3 fails - The "Stimulus" (The "I'll mortgage my country for my buds who gave me the win" bill) is on death's doorstep with many Dems AND The Grey Lady herself, The NYT, in full opposition to anything remotely resembling the current 900 page manifesto to Democrat largesse for their supporters.

Engine #4 is on fire - Yeppers, Mr. PrezBo has his hands full as his pledge of "no lobbyists" comes unraveled as he names three such figures and gets caught.

For the sake of the country, and the man with his hands on the controls, let us hope this ship of state has at least 6 engines.