Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No, Mr. PresBo, We Are NOT All On Board!

The "Lack-of" Stimulus Package seems ready to pass. It only takes the Democrats in this lopsided Congress to pass it out, and a few RINOs in the Senate (where we know they exist) to insure we will be passing the largest bill ever.

However, don't believe Obama's claim that we ALL agree action is needed by the government. The Cato Institute and some 200 economists are opposed to the monster bill.

The thing has been perhaps best named by Michelle Malkin who has labeled it "The Generational Theft Act of 2009."

Sad, but our kids and grandkids will pay for this...along with the Socialist emphasis it places on healthcare, and many other items.

I hope one headline I read this morning claiming the Obama honeymoon ends with the bill is correct. But that is, unfortunately, closing the gate long after the horse is gone.

The Obama Presidency will long be remembered....but not for what he had in mind.