Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Chorus of Kumbayah & "Let's All Just Get Along!"

Obama's wonderful message to GOP folk in the House and Senate today.

Translation......If you do not oppose my magnificent "spend-the-nation-into-fantastic-debt-but-produce-no-real-jobs" program of dropping A TRILLION DOLLARS.....then you are just not letting me get rid of this partisan bickering!

If you capitulate, and go along, then we'll have real progress.....

MY Progress!

Does Obama actually believe this crap? NOPE! He is simply saying "I WON" thus I can dictate terms.

The ONLY GOP choice here, if they are going to be a viable party....vote N-O....

Then they have an agenda for 2010 & 2012....

Obama knows this and will offer every possible swing GOP vote all the pork they can take to get his way and negate the GOP opposition.

Will the GOP fold.....My bet is YES!