Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Know It Is NOT Just Me!

Where in the marvelous scene of "Oneness" & "Save-The-World" globalization of Obama is the truth?

Where is the kernel of knowledge that sez this fellow is right to ruin our economy day-by-day (Sorry Chris) with his spend-to-save tactics? There has N-E-V-E-R been a country/state/city which has spent its way back to prosperity.....


No way, no how, etc. BUT His "Oneness" feels he can buck the experience of the world because........(Wait for it!!!!)..........."He Won!"

WHY are people following this pied piper???? Because folks, today the people feel they DESERVE whatever they want, and they have learned (from Democrats) that they can have said and same....

The only problem is that the "right" to whatever these entitlement folks want is going to eventually (perhaps already) outstrip the economy! The taxing of the achievers to pay the unachievers is going to bankrupt the economy.

10% cannot long support 90%.....except in the Democrat view.

Somewhere we will fall....and then the Dimocrats will blame ANYONE!!!!! Except, of course, themselves.