Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BULLETIN!: Obamassiah Signs "Generational Debt Plan"; Dow Jones Tanks 300 points!

Gollee; now here is "Hope and Change" we can believe in!

The One has decreed we WILL find his plans fine, and we will respond "instantly" to the "stimulus".....But somehow the message has not gotten to the public who still find the stimulus to be horrendous, bereft of any form of actual recovery plan, etc.

He signs and the markets tumble.

Since he was elected the markets are tanked by a HUGE %.....

Must be Carl Rove working behind the scenes......certainly could not be the fault of "The One"....

Har Har

Youngster....go back to the start and begin again......


UPDATE: Michelle Malkin Shows the people are revolting against "Porkulus!"