Saturday, November 01, 2008


Let me see........

Within the past few days:

1. Obama has declared any who oppose higher taxes as guilty of "selfishness";

2. Decided among himself and the other liberal Democrats that those who deserve tax breaks are from the $250,000 income, well, the $200,000 income class; er.....OOPs....the $150,000 income class........O.K., then from the $120,000 income class. As McCain asked at a news conference today; "Do we see a trend here?"

3. Kicked those reporters whose newspapers endorsed McCain off the "O" Force One plane.

4. Dropped any cooperation or news answering for TV stations which actually asked he or "Slow Joe" real questions.

Plus a lot more......

This is the man many see as change?????

Well, I guess so if "Change" is to take away your rights, intimidate you, etc.

How can people actually like this guy and feel he is good for the country?