Saturday, May 03, 2008

ARM THEM BOYS! - & Then Survive!

NO....Not Iraq.....

Chicago! Bob Owens reports.....

"Fifty-four shootings in two weekends. Shot-up bodies recovered in groups of three and five. Is this Ramadi? Basra? No.

Welcome to Chicago.

After a recent outbreak of gun-related violence, Mayor Richard Daley is now pushed into supporting a plan by new Police Superintendent Jody Weis to arm 13,000 Chicago police officers with assault rifles. Depending on how many weapons are eventually deployed, this may develop into the largest militarization of police patrol officers in United States history. If the department arms 10,000 of their officers with M4s, the police will have 9,900 more assault rifles in Chicago than the U.S. Marines presently have in Fallujah, Iraq."

GOOLLEE!!!!! As Gomer Pyle would have stated!

Ain't this just peachy?


Well, I guess that answers the question of our soldiers security in Iraq!

Just DO NOT post them to Chicago!