Thursday, February 07, 2008

YOIKS! - Romney out?????

It seems Romney is announcing his "suspension" of his campaign during the appearance before the conservatives.....

That is a WOW and a half!

Guess we live or die by Mr. Illegal, Mr. Anti-Judge; Mr. Suspend Free Speech; etc. ad nauseum!

What a really, really bad choice......What a revelation that the GOP Right could not organize a basketball tournament for two teams....what a sad day.....

Now on to the real opponent, the Clintons!!!!!!

Do you believe, for a minute, the Clintons will allow this "Black Man" to take the nomination.....NOT in this lifetime! They will cheat, swindle, connive, lie, cry, cough, and anything alse it takes to insure "Her Highness" is annointed by the Democrat Gods as "Their Candidate".....

We is in BIG Trouble BOSS!!!!!!