Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Fire, A Good Wine, & Peace!

Sometimes it is just G-O-O-D to let it all out, and drop out from the pace of posting, political items, etc.

Tonight I did that.

Our outside fireplace was waiting....I was ready (We live in Tampa, and the "cool" evening was probably about 60 degrees.......)

I stoked the metal fireplace with wood, and lit the thing, and soon a joyous fire was dancing about in my backyard. I sat in the screened porch, my glass of "Portal Real", a fine dry red was just right for the event.

I sat thus for more than an hour as the fire danced, and changed.

Peaceful at the least........wonderfully enjoyable at the most.

I love a fire, and the wine with it is simply awesome in making me a peaceful person!