Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tears For TV!!!! - The Hillary Story....

Must be a big voting day.....Hillary had tears....TWICE!

Last time was the day before the New Hampshire primary......Now the day before the Super Tuesday voting....both times when Hillary was in an apparent retreat and needed the weepy-woman vote. (Sorry, I am jaded by Hillary and her infrequent, quite timed episodes of emotion!)

Neal Boortz details what my feelings are...and he obviously researched much more deeply than I.....


Well, it is the day before a huge primary, isn't it? Remember the day before the primary in New Hampshire? Hillary cries. Women go "awwwwwwwwww ... " and Hillary pulls an unexpected win.

Now here we are the day before the Super Duper Tuesday primaries ... women are deserting the Hillary camp for Barack Obama ... and Hillary tears up again; this time while being introduced by a former professor.

Yeah ... works for me.

If you believe Hillary's tears yesterday were genuine ... and not pure electoral manipulation ... then you might also believe:

* That Hillary married bill for love, and now for power.
* That Hillary really did believe that the whole Monica Lewinsky thing was cooked up by a bunch of right wingers
* That Hillary actually didn't know that those Rose Law Firm billing records were in her possession for the entire two years that she was swearing to congress, under oath, that she did not know where they were.
* That she didn't have anything to do with firing the White House travel office staff, and that even if she did she most certainly didn't say "fire their asses."
* That she knew nothing about her husband's pardon for those FALN Puerto Rican terrorists just before the New York Senatorial election, and that she was as surprised as we were when she got the Puerto Rican vote in New York!
* That Hillary didn't know that there was a photographer, hired by her and her husband, hiding in the palms on that beach in St. Thomas to snap a picture of her dancing with her "husband."
* That Hillary dances with her husband all the time!
* That Hillary holds the men and women who serve in our armed forces in actual high regard.
* That Hillary didn't eventually cost the U.S. Taxpayers $73 million by using her position at the Rose Law Firm to shelter a failing savings and loan association.
* Hillary didn't hire Craig Livingstone an had no clue that he was gathering FBI files on Clinton enemies.

Someone had better get the tissues ready for election eve."

Don't you just love it? If this current waterworks effort by Hillary works again....by enticing the emotional-woman vote, then I resign from the process! I somehow have faith the women of the US are NOT that easily swayed (twice).......we'll see!