Wednesday, June 23, 2010

+ Can't Send The Fire Truck To Your Burning House....What If Another House Catches Fire Here???


From Neal Boortz: "Let's talk for a minute about the government's role in this oil spill and its cleanup efforts. First off, you must listen to this very short interview with Florida Senator George LeMieux. If you have yet to find your headphones this morning, here is essentially what he says: Barack Obama told Senator LeMieux that we can't take oil skimmers from others parts of the country because there might be an oil spill.

Sadly --- you could believe this out of Obama.

Now we have to take Senator LeMieux at his word, but are we actually to believe that our Community Organizer will not allow us to use oil skimmers from around the country just because there might be an oil spill in those places, and in the event that a spill were to occur, they would be needed? As Senator LeMieux pointed out, that is like saying that we can't send a fire truck to your house that is burning down because another house may need its services.

Unbelievable. And these are the people in charge. These are the people that essentially appointed themselves to be in charge of this crisis ... brow-beat BP into handing over their money so that the government could spend it as it sees fit ... that stopped ships from sucking up oil because they had to count how many life vests were on board ... a group of people that are unwilling to repeal an ancient Jones Act so that we can take care of matters.

It is no wonder that states are giving the National Guard a minimal role in cleaning up the oil spill. Of the 17,500 troops that could be there helping to get things done, only a fraction have been called to duty. And for good reason. Defense Secretary Robert Gates acknowledges that "the skill sets these troops have don't match the needs." He says, "We have offered whatever capabilities we have ... We don't have the kinds of equipment or particular expertise." So the federal government has put itself in charge of this spill and it has offered these troops to clean up the spill, yet these people can't even do the job they have essentially been called to do! Amazing. Imagine if BP had been allowed to hire its own people to go in there and clean up this spill ... I imagine that it wouldn't have hired one person that didn't have the skill, expertise or knowledge necessary to get the job done. Instead, we have 17,500 troops who are more than willing to help, but simply lack the skills to get it done."

Yeah, right!