Friday, May 21, 2010

SEE ME!!!!; FEEL ME!!!!....But Don't Expect to Actually H-E-A-R Me!!!!

PrezBO has taken a new stance in his "Transparency" promise before is "LACK-O-TRANSPARENCY!"

He will not, has not, spoken with the press in an open press conference since.....err.....welll, a LONG time ago.

This approaches complete avoidance of his campaign promise of transparency.....

The man knows no bounds in avoiding any form of accountability for his statements in his campaign. Nothing he said then has anything to do with what he is doing now! P-E-R-I-O-D!!!!!

Obama is his own creation, and his own denial of accountability.

BUT...If you never have press conferences, you have no reason to fear the press...Particularly if you are dealing with the Obama-friendly MSM.

No call for accountability there...he is THEIR GUY!


When-o-when will the media hold this idiot accountable for his words/actions/lies????

Why NEVER!, of course!