Thursday, March 25, 2010

MAY DAY! - MAY DAY! .....The Social Security Crash is HERE NOW!!!!

The pundits, the politicians, the elitists....all have argued about the approaching day when Social Security went sailing into the RED

You know, the time when payments into the system are LESS than payments OUT OF THE SYSTEM....

Many have guessed, postured, prognosticated, and generally just spouted rhetoric with no facts about the day.....2016, 2020, 2030, even a few stalwart, but misguided folks have guessed the system was good to 2050.


The time is NOW!!!!!


This is the time when the empty chest of promises made on paper by a feckless Congress come due. & They, the Congress, have NO MONEY to pay the bill!

Congress; MEET REALITY! Bites doesn't it?

Wanna spend some more money? Wanna pass some new bills? Wanna deepen the debt? You better watch out cause Santa has coal in your stocking.

Three things come to mind.

1. Will Congress even acknowledge the fact we are THERE NOW?

2. Will they give a damn, do anything, or just punt the ball down the road somehow again?

3. Will the Lame Stream Media report the story, or bury it till later to protect their chosen O-N-E?????

I believe the game of make believe will go rolling along for another year at least! I don't believe the GOP, or anyone else in Washington is ready to bite this bullet until next year. Then they will try, try try to find a method of avoiding it.

We're fried!