Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sometimes Green Is Cosmetic!

I am usually highly suspect of anything "green" idea of green is something related to "AlGore" (The person and the theory of GW.)

In my own life I have tried several things to be greenwise.....Flourescent bulbs. They are great, but the impact on my electric bill is negligible. The disposal problems are not easy....IF you follow the rules and do not simply place them in your regular garbage.

Argon Gas-filled double pane windows. We replaced the four house windows which both faced the road in front of the house, and also took all the direct sunlight from 9am until 5pm....In Tampa that is substantial sun exposure in the Summer.

Our rewards......lower street noise by probably half. Cooler den and living room temps in the heat of the day. (Probably lowering electric bills, but unsubstantiated.)

Downside.....The $1,200.00 investment is probably slated for a payout on electric savings by about 2080....I am guessing that at 66 now, I'll not be here for the celebration.

Thus, final activation of the fun-filled attempts at green savings are probably a pet-thyself-for-doing-good actuality.....not true savings.

Thus am i impressed the PrezBo attempts at alternative energy gains are doomed completely, and his ignoring of true savings....cutting oil dependence by using OUR OWN OIL...will end up hurting us financially.