Friday, February 15, 2008

IF Obama is THE Annointed!!!!!

WOW, What a consideration.....what a thought-never-before-thought!

The Clintons are NOT invincible??????

Of course, you cannot separate the Clintons.... You BUY the package....OR you buy none!

THEY see to that!

BUT.....Obama, using one magical word......CHANGE!!!!!!

Is able to find a way to win in many, many states! He gives NO definition of what "Change" IS!!!!! He offers no solutions to our problems....except, of course, his $860 BILLION offerings for correction of the problems.....

He is the "Anti-Clinton", and that, my friends, is a tremendous force!!!!!

Billary - HillaBill....are a known quantity, and they are NOT LIKED!

I guess I can see an Obama WIN here....

Then on to the Campaign, and the forces of "Show Us The Beef!"

Obama will have to provide some fodder of his ideas....& That could be KILLER for his campaign!