Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Hillary Will NOT Be Our Next President!"

Yeppers, it is a prediction, and valid in its arguments......BY BEN SMITH at!

The words are good, the theme plausible.....BUT.....

The Clintons (Billary) will NOT "go softly into that good night".....They simply do not know how. They are a fighting machine, and army of two, a dreadnaught of awesome capability.

They consider themselves the anointed! The Blessed! The Chosen!

They truly believe, given their decades of success, that they cannot be defeated!

Much, much more likely is a scenario where the Billary will lose, but in the process of extracting every last possible move to keep them in a power position, they will KILL the very Dem machine they represented....They may well hand the torch of leadership to the themselves!


UPDATE: May-Day; May-Day!.....this might be something saying the ship is being deserted! O.K., Then We're Leaving, BUT It Ain't Cause We're Losing!