Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bloggers - Politics....You Will See More of This!

Just read the thing and understand the separation between we who blog and they who "claim knowledge" of blogging. It is VERY, VERY Revealing!!!

The gap between bloggers and politicians will narrow drastically before the 2008 elections are over. The "Beltway Boys" cannot remain aloof forever, and they will eventually find the key is "knowing about" rather than "farming out" (to young folks!)

Trust me, they will employ folks both politically savvy and politically knowledgeable.

They are coming folks, and we'd best be ready cause the bloggers advantage to instant communication will narrow and diminish!

Oh, and the MSM (Read ANTIQUE Media) will be as clueless as ever. They will find the blogosphere (excuse the already-antique term) is a home for possible income....but they will N-E-V-E-R let it replace their primary news outlet. That would be akin to abandoning your boat while at sea....TO THEM! Keep the key in mind folks. They cannot see this "blog" thing as more than a blip....despite their diving readership, and unbelieving followers.

The biggest advantage bloggers have is.....NO SPIN by an internet-savvy political hack can ever exceed the speed of the blogs.....they can come close, they can be quicker to lie and deceive, BUT never faster.....We need to protect that edge.