Thursday, July 05, 2007

Morning Walk!


I am into a new regimen of walking 5-7 days per week. Wish I could take credit for the change, but instead I shall fault my docs. For those who read this blog, but do not know me, you can find the source of my walking at another of my blogs; & Then I Had A Lump In My Lung!

If you read the blog from bottom to top you will find a short-lived journey during which I feared lots of problems of dire nature! The end is apparently much better.

All this is preface to my walking, mandated by the Thoracic Surgeon, and the Cardiologist....and after my visit today I am sure it will be endorsed by my Vascular Surgeon.

I am finding the walks enjoyable. During this period in Tampa (May thru October) we have what is known as a LARGE SAUNA....about the size of Florida! i thus return from my walks to be greeted by a shower and soap to freshen myself and get the wrinkled nose look off of Duchess.....

As for the walk. I am fortunate that we live in an area of Tampa (Town & Country) where there are a number of Greenways.....walkways through woods, along canals, etc. They make for a quieter walk than just along local streets. They also provide entertainment for me as I trudge along. Hillsborough County has done itself proud with these walkways.

Today...I walked 8:30 til 9:10, but who is counting? I covered about 2.5 miles.

Along the Greenway (about .9 miles) I saw four rabbits alongside the walkway having a green leafy salad for breakfast. Amazingly they are tame enough that just walking by will not rouse them. However, pause to study them and they get really nervous and look for a quick exit into the underbrush.

I saw a large white crane of some indeterminate species walking in the newly-filled retention area alongside the Greenway. I did not see, but definitely heard the clarion call of a LARGE bullfrog!

Other sites as I walked. Lots and lots of front sidewalks littered with the refuse of a July 4th celebration just-completed. Bottle rocket sticks, small firecrackers that didn't, black smudges on the sidewalk, etc. I sure hope these folks clean up today.

I guess my overall comment on the walk is....I have found a new small world of enjoyment, and i am losing weight as well. My docs tell my that any form of aerobic exercise has now been proven to make your aorta more flexible and less-prone to plaque....the demon that attacks my family.

Try walking for your health. I am....I want to see a lot more of this world!