Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Just the facts....Long as I decide what IS fact!

I find it enormously amusing....while I also am ANGRY!
Clinton's National Security Advisor is being investigated for STEALING a number of quite revealing documents from the National Archives.....
& that story is being reported....though most media report it as "accidently taken items".....
2 Things are missing from most of the media....
THIS MAN IS THE ANNOUNCED "ADVISOR" to John sKerry!!!!! A Current title!
He stuffed these items into his pants....shoes, etc. Even though he had a briefcase with him.....it was FILMED!
Let me think.....if that had been Rumsfeld, or any other GOP political front person for Bush.....the cry would have been Horrendous & constant from both the Demos and the Media.......you know...like it was when Wilson was still being believed!