Monday, April 06, 2009


I cannot find a way to establish our new Pres as other than a rank amateur!

Sorry, but I have tried, and his every move is one of deception, subterfuge, and blunt-force.

This man had NO concept of power when he landed in the White House. He was "The One"....almost a "Matrix-Moment".....

He has, since inauguration, followed a path that quickly...within a week or two...devolved from Presidential trappings into a full-time path of campaigning....RUN...RUN...RUN!

Obama has evolved into the perfect perpetual-candidate!

He cannot stop running and is A-L-L he knows. His expertise is bereft of any other form of communication.

"Lord bless me and keep my teleprompter close at all times!"

This man is the laughing stock of the Europeans whom he championed so strongly, and still does. BUT, even this group looks upon him as a man without any form of real expertise. He is an actor on stage, ever trying to deliver his message....but woefully short of success as a communicator.

This is soon going to be an American tragedy. Obama will be less, even than Carter...and BOY-O-BOY that sez a lot.