Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Obama's Report Card!

Shawn Mallow at Wizbang tells the tale of Obama and his tally to date:

"So, how has Obama chosen to lead over his first 30 or so days in office?

Let's see:

* US money for overseas abortion? Check.

* $900 Million to aid the Gaza strip in rebuilding after the "Israeli aggression"? Check

* Plans to drop the US missile shield in the Chech Republic and Poland in hopes that Russia will help deter Iran from building a nuke? ('Cause we all know we can trust the Russians) Check

* $787 billion spending bill which no elected official had time to read? Check

* $75 billion mortgage bailout to help people who can't afford mortgages they should not have been allowed to have in the first place? Check

* Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac get $200 billion more each to mismanage their affairs? Check

* 19,000 more troops sent to Afghanistan with no explainable mission statement? Check

* $410 billion omnibus spending bill which is entirely made up of pork-laden earmarks and pet projects as pay-off to crooked lawmakers? Check

* The Dow is down almost 2500 points since Obama's election? Check

* Consumer confidence at an all-time low (It's at 25. A year ago it was in the high 70s)? Check

* $2 trillion in more spending for Timothy Geithner's "Financial Stability Plan". Check

* Money we actually have to spend for all of these bailouts? Zero

* Screwing America's future? Check

* Feeling hopeless from all the change? Check"

Yeppers folks, it is time to pay the piper for the unwashed adoration of "hope and change"!!!!!!