Sunday, August 17, 2008

FAY - Update 1

Duchess and I are still negotiating about the RV (she wants to stay and I want to go) and avoiding FAY. I guess, realistically, we should stay. I just like to hit the road, damnit!

However, here is the current. Since this morning we have had three updates. They have danced around a path from somewhere landing North of Punta Gorda to the latest of passing by Tampa at sea and landing North of us toward the Panhandle.

Problem is, the exact course will dictate the strength of FAY. If it stays over the Gulf, it grows and grows. On land it shrinks.

Current path, West of us produces both the worst result (possible CAT 2), and places us on the NE quadrant, notorious for being the absolute worst area. Today we battened down the hatches (loaded lawn stuff, outdoor fireplace, canopy stored, etc.)

We thought we'd know by now where it was going, but crossing Cuba still dictates the future. We'll now not know til Monday morning, if then.

We're ready, and if power should fail, we've got the motor coach just a mile away which we can bring here, and live in for three or more days on the full fuel tanks.....

Waiting for FAY!