Monday, May 31, 2010

CA Residents F-A-V-O-R Arizona Law!

OUCH! That's gotta hurt some Latino feelings.

50% to 43% favor the law!
Probably be ignored by the Lame Stream Media as is everything else not fitting their agenda.


Friday, May 21, 2010

SEE ME!!!!; FEEL ME!!!!....But Don't Expect to Actually H-E-A-R Me!!!!

PrezBO has taken a new stance in his "Transparency" promise before is "LACK-O-TRANSPARENCY!"

He will not, has not, spoken with the press in an open press conference since.....err.....welll, a LONG time ago.

This approaches complete avoidance of his campaign promise of transparency.....

The man knows no bounds in avoiding any form of accountability for his statements in his campaign. Nothing he said then has anything to do with what he is doing now! P-E-R-I-O-D!!!!!

Obama is his own creation, and his own denial of accountability.

BUT...If you never have press conferences, you have no reason to fear the press...Particularly if you are dealing with the Obama-friendly MSM.

No call for accountability there...he is THEIR GUY!


When-o-when will the media hold this idiot accountable for his words/actions/lies????

Why NEVER!, of course!



The AZ law will produce folks who are here IN VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW!....


The FEDS, led by hizzhonor Obama, may ignore any illegals caught in the state of AZ!!!

YEPPERS!!! They may skate free as Obama flaunts the federal laws on Illegals....

WOW, what a surprise....This idiot will ignore the "law-of-the-land" just to pursue his own agenda......Will anyone enforce the laws????


I Don't See No Stinkin Illegals!!!!

Now the FEDs....well, actually the PrezBo hisself, indicate they will NOT enforce the Laws of the US to take care of any illegal aliens caught by AZ.!

If that does not make your blood are a Socialist....ER...Democrat!


Obama is subverting EVERY item of our constitution to suit his pleasure....which is of course completely SOCIALIST!

If the voters of this great land do not turn his minions out this fall, we are lost....

Hell, we may already be lost!!!

Damn, I hate this time and the oblivion of our citizens to what is happening.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

$1.67 Spent for Every $1.00 Taken In In Taxes!.....

Read that again....
$1.67 our government...for every $1.00 taken in in taxes!

Michael Gerson, writing an op-ed in the Washington Post: "In 2009, the federal government spent $1.67 for every $1 it collected in taxes. The Obama administration's budget proposals would dramatically increase publicly held debt as a percentage of the economy over the next decade, eventually slowing economic growth, fueling inflation and making America more dependent on the kindness of creditors."

We are in disastrous trouble, my friends....and Obama and Company are oblivious to the fact....well, not actually.....They actually HOPE YOU ARE oblivious!


We are on a slippery slope, and it is getting worse.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

O.K.....Global Warming Is Officially O-V-E-R!.......Time for Some Global COOLING!

Did you hear it.....the crunching sound as the weather extremists begin to shift into another gear....?

This one is MUCH COOLER!!!

70s = Cold coming
90s = Warm coming
10s = Cold coming

Does anybody else sense a cycle of "prove me wrong, go ahead!"


Sunday, May 16, 2010

AZ Gov & Palin - On Border.....

You have to see the ad they made:

Get em gals.....Obama and company mouth the phrases...Palin and Brewer give the facts. I sure hope a lot of voters are paying attention!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obama Govt. Cannot Handle Visa Holders, But Wants to Track Your Kids Body Mass Index.....

Michelle Malkin slashes at the Obama hubris.

These folks who cannot manage a SINGLE government program (including who even has visas more than 6 years post 9/11), nor initiate a new program...Wish now to track our kids weights?

Somebody get them away from the steering wheel!!!!! Remove their foot from the gas (electric?) pedal.....Vote em out before it gets R-E-A-L-L-Y crazy!



U S Debt - 100% GDP by 2015 !!!!!

John Hinderaker, at PowerLine HAS THIS ONE FOR YOU!

If this message gets to ALL the people, and of course MSM will avoid that if possible, the voters will rampage in November. Somehow the message has to get to the public, beyond blogs.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Roast In Hell, Murtha!

The last of those charged with doing harm to "prisoners" in Iraq...a Navy Seal.... Has been found INNOCENT!

Murtha's terrible attack upon the military has resulted in his own disgrace...after he died. BUT he caused lots of folks to feel attacked, and defenseless against a Congressman who pronounced them GUILTY...even before charges were preferred!

Roast in Hell Murtha for your abominable charges/statements.....

You deserve the scorn of every military officer today, and yesterday for your political attack....lacking ANY evidence....

You are dead, but you caused a lot of harm fgor our soldiers...ALL undeserved at this point.

I hate what you were, and what you stoood for!


Sempar Par from a Coastie....

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

"I Hate Drones.....I Hate Bush!"

My god, the ideas flow like liquid hate from the pens of the LIBs....

This idiot from Pakistan MUST have been a person ahting Bush...or Drones (from Bush), or SOMETHING!

MSM Mantra is kicking in......This Terrorist could NOT have been opposed to Obama...That would be RACIST!

Or Something!

God, I am tired of this DEM mnantra of hate and opposition. There will never be a point at which DEMs are responsible......IF Obama gets the 2012 nod as President then Bush is doomed to be the scape goat for the next 7 years.

Nothing Obama does could possibly be HIS fault....

MSM version 1.01......



WE WON!!!!....WE ARE MARVELOUS!!!!!.....(Er, we were Lucky????)

The mighty USA task force(s)......NYPD, FBI, NTSB, Homeland Security, DOJ, WH, et al universal "solvers-of-all-problems!"took down the alledged bomber who tried to obliterate a large portion of Times Square.


1) The guy succeeded in making his bomb.

2) The guy managed to deliver the bomb.

3) He managed to fire it (The firing failed!).

4) He managed to escape (except the failed-firing gave officials info that led to him!)

5) He managed to board and be accepted as a passenger of an airliner headed for Dubai, and then wherever he would have liked (except the "no-fly-list" finally kicked in and caught the guy ON-THE-PLANE-ON-THE-RUNWAY....YIKES That was close.

So as I read this....IF the bomb had gone BOOM!...the guy would have not been identified in time, possibly hundreds could have been killed/maimed/wounded...and the guy would have flown away to become the latest poster-child for terrorists around the world...and we'd have had a wrecked SUV as evidence.

Nice work Obama & Co.

You escaped detection and identification, once again, as weak, inefficient, and lacking in basic coordination skills...& Of course you are all taking the obligatory victory lap as successful.....

The lone reason you may do so???? This dufuss was ignorant, lacking in bomb skills, and highly STUPID!

Nothing to do with your skills, your resources, your planning/training/staffing.

YOU FAILED as badly as did the Terrorist!!!


ER....NOTE TO DEMs.....During Bush's watch there were NO credible such incidents. Now they are happening with a frequency that suggests they WILL SUCCEED at some point in the not-too-distant future!

SAD!......Do you miss him yet? Much as I disliked many of his decisions they were far better than those now being made.


Another One Bites The Dust.....Part 50---er---55----er

Wisconsin's David Obey is O-U-T!!!!

The chips fall...the sound becoming a loud cacophony of DEM voices of "I QUIT!"....The stated reasons are as diverse as the DEM claims to diversity.
The base reason is THE SAME.......OOPS WE GONNA L-O-S-E!!!! BIG TIME!!!!

Love it


Monday, May 03, 2010

WHY Do We Allow Immigration...ILLEGALLY???