Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Give Me Liberty, Not Debt!"

Instapundit covers the "REAL" Tea Party agenda.

The current beginning of protesting Obama whereever he goes is, to me a sliver of what may be. Soon it will be protesting ANY congress-critter as well as the PrezBo!

Should be interesting to see The One, his Congressional companions AND the Lame Stream Media explain that away.


Thanks Obama For Simplifying My Life!

You are giving majority control (ownership) of two auto companies to the UAW. Why? Well, as far as I can determine because they voted for and supported YOU!

There is no logical reason for letting the fox take ownership of the hen house they have been robbing for decades.

Thus my choices in upcoming auto purchases are simplified. Nothing GM, and probably nothing Chrysler.

Guess it will be really, really interesting to watch the Obama/Democrats combo team continue to shovel OUR tax dollars into a bottomless pit called Detroit. There is no question the UAW cannot; will not run a profitable auto company.



Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gone, Gone, Gone.......

The posting here, one might notice, is slower these days.

Duchess and I are "Motorhomin it!"

We left Tampa on April 20th, and are now ending a 1 week stay in Rockford, IL with kids and grands and will depart tomorrow for a planned trip of two months to the West Coast via the Badlands, Rushmore, Grand Tetons, etc.

Check our stories and pics at:& Then I Bought An RV!

Much of the current is centered on our Rockford family, butnow the traveling begins and the stories and pics should be quite interesting.

Check em out!


Way Down In The Basement!!!! - Obama!!!!!

You are not gonna hear this in the Maimed Stream Media.....Obama has the 2nd lowest 100 day public approval EVER (well, since they began keeping such numbers!)

Well, he did beat out Slick Willie Clinton by a single %....

Despite this, you will catch a litany of stories, pictures, waving flags, and soooo much more from the Lame Stream Media about "His Magnificent 100 days!"

I am reminded of one of my favorite phrases from the past..."My mind's made up, don't confuse me with facts!" Thus speaketh the Obamamedia.



Monday, April 27, 2009

Whata Ya Wanna Do????

"I don't know....what would be F-U-N????"

"I know," snort, "Let's fly Air Force One arfound Washington D.C. at a low level and see if it scares anybody?"

"GREAT IDEA....I'll have her gassed up and waiting!"

Stupid? WELL....It Happened!!!

Dumb is as Dumb Does!


Democrats Usher In Era of Open and Honest Government...Well, Except for Democrats!

NRO's Jim Geraghty has details.

WOW....glad the GOP didn't get in office.


OBAMA Needs to L-E-A-D.....NOT Campaign for Four More Years!

Obama's lack of leadership comes home In THIS KASS ARTICLE!

Read it and then understand...Obama is N-O-T leading...he is still campaigning!

It is ALL he knows how to do!

We are a lost nation until the 2nd coming of Carter ends.....


OOPS! - Time Will Tell ALL!

Fred Barnes takes "The One" to task for a reality check!

"Strong job approval, higher personal ratings"--that's pollster Andrew Kohut's assessment of President Obama at roughly the 100-day point. "A bravura performance," wrote David Broder of the Washingon Post. The president's flacks take the Muhammad Ali approach: Obama is The Greatest. What comes to my mind, however, is the guy who falls off a skyscraper and halfway down declares, "So far, so good."

Maybe there's a soft landing ahead for Obama or even a takeoff as his policies succeed. But my expectations are low. One reason is the Obama contradiction. Two of his stated goals (economic recovery, energy independence) are undermined by his actual policies. Another reason is history. There's no evidence to suggest Obama's policies of courting enemies and airing the country's supposed misdeeds will lessen threats to national security or strengthen America's role in the world.

Obama, for the moment, is riding a wave of announcements, claims, hopes, and possibilities. This is what new presidents thrive on. It's what makes them popular, especially because there's no accountability. But a year from now, perhaps sooner, the joy ride will be over. Results will matter. Obama's policies will either be working or not. And if not, even a friendly media won't be able to sugarcoat the bad news or alleviate the political consequences.

The economy is Obama's biggest problem. According to his projections, a sharp recovery will begin this fall and accelerate in 2010. It's doubtful the president's economic advisers believe this scenario, though they're forced to defend it publicly. The $787 billion "stimulus" package
probably won't help because its vast spending is backloaded past next year. And it's not very stimulative in the first place."

Barnes has Obama dead in his sights!

Read the whole thing HERE!

Such is life, and so shall Obama deal with reality at some point!

& Will also his minions!

I await the results with glee!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Liar, Liar, Pants-On-Fire!

Former CIA Chief sez Pelosi is a shameless liar!

No surprise there. Just surprised that this woman actually believes she can lie her way around knowing what she did when she did...just so she can claim lack-a-knowledge of the "Terrible Bushites" and their torture routine. Of course, this is the same woman who claims to have a majority position on lots of things when the public polls show she is in the minority.

Reminds me of the commercial some twenty or more years ago with little yellow duckies climbing all over a blood hound lying patiently on the floor while exclaiming, "What dog, do you see a dog?...I don't see a dog!" Yeppers that is Pelosi and Reid is not far behind.

Than of course there is Barry O...The One whose positions have changed so many times as to make him the most wishy-washy of Presidents since Carter...probably even worse than "Jimmah" who was wrong 85% of the time, but at least stood by his ill-conceived positions.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wednesday - 100 Days


The New York Post has the list!

Hope & Change....What???

Now we read of forced control of the legislative process for health care to insure DEMs pass the legislation on a base majority. True bipartisan politics, no doubt.

Thanks voters.


"Gore"d Again!!! - Thanks Democrats-Against-Free-Speech!

The stage was set for a good representation of both sides in the "Global (NOT) Warming" debate.

Al Gore was there to offer his cartoon efforts at telling us that what-is-not-happening IS! The GOP had their own witness ready.....BUT WAIT!

Now you get ONE instead of TWO!

"The AlGore" cannot be questioned; disagreed with; or exposed as less than truthful in his hysterical rants and claims. That might leave him less-than-perfect.


I am sure they will have some fantastic explanation of the change.

Tell me true, Mr. Dem!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Myth Buster KNOWLEDGE!

At The National, Rex Murphy exposes "Janet Napolitano: The Myth Buster!"

"Ms Napolitano acknowledges there are some “slight” differences between the U.S.-Canada border, and the U.S.-Mexico border. To wit: "Yes, Canada is not Mexico, it doesn't have a drug war going on, it didn't have 6,000 homicides that were drug-related last year." To which she might have added, neither have 11 million or so “undocumented immigrants” flowed from Canada to the U.S..

Nonetheless, with this trivial differences in mind, she argues, if they're going to tighten the Mexican border, they must "fix" the Canadian one, too. Ah yes, if the bulb goes out in the kitchen, change the one in the garage. And Pearl Harbour was executed by the Romanian navy."

This woman is a disaster zone.

Mr. Murphy's full post is here!

Obama continues to act as a schoolboy allowed to pick his own team...and so doing with popularity among his posse as the criteria...not knowledge of the area overseen!

Hope and Change indeed.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Stop There!

(A Little Duke Post!)

I am about to surprise many people that know me by saying that I agree with the idea of prosecuting the people responsible for the torture committed by the United States. Now, I haven’t said it yet because I have a question for the proponents of taking this step.

Do you really want to go after those that broke the law or do you just hate Bush / Cheney / etc. that much? Oh, I know he’s the devil. (You are in good company thinking that… Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Il and Akma-Imanutjob all think the same way, but you can’t always be judged by the company you keep) Never the less, the question stands.

If it’s really the torture that you hate and you feel it’s against the law, let’s get the people responsible. Obviously, we start with Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld. Don’t forget to go after the lawyers that gave their opinion to all the parties involved and who actually wrote the memos that have been released. They are just as guilty.

Don’t stop there.

Members of Congress were briefed. We have the Armed Services Committee and the leaders of the House and Senate. They were also in on it. It was against the law and they did nothing. Goodbye Pelosi, Reed and Hillary Clinton among others.

Wait, did you not say that the people responsible should be prosecuted? You can’t pick and choose who gets nailed; they were all in on it. Anything less than full prosecution would just suggest that all you ever really wanted was Bush’s head on a platter.

Don’t stop there. (This is getting fun)

Once Obama leaves office (2012 or 2016), it’s time to go after his administration. Someone find me the part of the constitution that allows our imperial federal government to do TARP and own banks and bail out private companies, etc… not there, therefore it’s all against the law. There goes Obama, Biden (Bush if he’s out yet, same for Pelosi, Reed and the rest). We’ll have to go after their lawyers as well. Are we having fun yet?

Where does it stop? Let’s do this and watch how fast good, qualified people run away from ever wanting to be in government or even advise someone running for office. You think we have nut-jobs running the country now? (Both parties!) Wait until we start second guessing everyone who ever makes a decision in government.

We live in a country where we can debate policy, change policy and even reverse policy with a new administration. God help us when we start seeing every administration go after the last. It will never end and leave us far weaker in the process.

I think Obama and Congress are breaking the Constitution (The Law) as we speak, but I do not want anyone to start talking about prosecutions after 2012. It can lead nowhere good.

Little Duke

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth-Like Planet Found!

340 planets identified, and now two of which is possibly Earth-like.


Bring it on, folks....let us lose our "We're the center of the Universe" attitude just as we lost our flat-earth and center of the solar-system ideas earlier.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

By The Numbers....

Michelle Malkin has the numbers.....even if they are shaded by the usual "Antique Media" methods...

What's good for the goose....etc.


Ruh-Roo.....GW Not-A-Happenin!!!!

Don't you just HATE IT when the Antique Media Theme of Global Warming (sing here with AlGore's version of Kum-By-Ah) just does not compute?????

The details of Ice Cap Growth in Antarctica is not good for the "boil-the=Earth" crowd!

Facts, Smacts....we have a theme, and we don't let anything get in the way of our story!

Har Har


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party H-Y-S-T-E-R-I-A!!!!!!

The Left has gone BONKERS!

Their protests, via the Lefty groups are completely acceptable....BUT, should ANY conservative/middle-of-the-road/libertarian group protest, then it is absolutely despicable!

Don't you just hate it when the fringe Lefties protest, but then also protest any Righties/ Middle-of-the-road folks who do the same?

The sleeping beast of MIDDLE-AMERICA has awakened!

Love it


Many know what is going on, and the Liberal left statements/positions will be disputed.


The Passing of An Era!....But NOT The Prime Figure!

John Madden, the "VOICE" of NFL Football has retired.

Sad....Much like the passing of Harry Carey....and other voices of the sports of football, baseball, etc.

Not sure what he'll do, but FOXNews covers his exit....

I'll miss him....Many will.

Enjoy your "retirement" John!


I'm Waiting Janet!

Secretary of Homeland (in)Security, Janet Napolitano, has offered a sort-of apology for a foot note to the new DHS report stating that returning vets were prime targets for recruitment in extremist groups. Veterans groups, and many in Congress...including many Democrats...were appalled at the DHS report on what it termed rightwing extremist groups.

Not only is this a departure from former DHS reports which targeted specific organizations, but also the report includes no actual "FACTS" about any group or any extremist actions already taken.

I'm waiting, Janet.....waiting for you to continue your alledged series on such potentials by writing one on leftwing know those who have actually done some really serious things.

My guess is that i need to check the weather know, to see when Hell is actually going to freeze over!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From The W-T-F? Dept.

This one is too funny to ignore.

For 13 years the Washington Department of Ecology worked to find who was dumping sewage into a creek. They found the culprit....THEIR OWN DEPARTMENT'S SEWER...It was connected to a storm water drain pipe!

Can everyone see the red glow of faces in the NW?



Tampa Tea Party

Update: Jacksonville Tea Party seen by Little Duke...pic and story at end of this piece!

A boisterous and loud crowd of perhaps 4-5,000 gathered in downtown Tampa's Lykes Gaslight Square for a Tea Party this afternoon from 5 to 7pm.
The event was the second of the day with an earlier noon version hosting a much smaller crowd. From across the street the size of the crowd, which fairly filled the city block sized park.
Speakers...not politicians...were cheered as they spoke of the anger and dismay of our self-described middle-of-the-road crowd.
I asked the young lady below for a picture of her sign and she took my site name so she could show her boyfriend she had been there....
And, finally, this lady displayed the emotion I had....I sincerely hope the pols in DC can indeed hear us now!
One of the organizers announced that a permit was issued today for a huge Tea Party planned for Washington, DC September 12th. That should prove very interesting.


Update:Jacksonville Landing Tea Party.
Little Duke here….

Hello from sunny Jacksonville, FL. I attended a Fair Tax rally on Saturday here at the Landing (downtown Jacksonville) and there were about 1500 people. I was afraid that the Tea Party would be even less attended. After all, the rally on Saturday had Ander Crenshaw, Herman Cain and Neal Boortz as headliners. Also, today is a Wednesday. Much harder to get people out on a workday than a Saturday.… Our TEA Party didn’t stand a chance.

I was so wrong. 4,000 or so people crammed into the Landing to hear a succession of speakers from every walk of life and nearly every age. This is grassroots. No politicians (that I could see), no paid celebrities, just fed up people. One more thing; I didn’t hear one snipe at a party or a person (of the Presidential nature). Every speaker seemed to be mad at the political class in general. I didn’t see Republicans or Democrats. I just saw mom and pop standing up to say “No More!”

It was inspirational.

Underway in Tampa

The 2nd of two scheduled events began about ten minutes ago in Tampa. Hundreds are here, more arriving all the time.

Posting pics soon.


UPDATE: There is also a report of something brewing for July 4th...stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just Go & FEEL GOOD!

Yes SIR!!!!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

YIKES! - A Tsunami Warning Sign?

This is NOT A JOKE! California has begun erecting these signs along some coastal areas most vulnerable to tsunami activity.
That ought to slow the coastal-buying craze.

Actually the officials who track such things say there is a 97% chance of a tsunami in the S. California area in the next 30 years.

Nice to be in Florida where the earthquake potential is much less. Of course, then there are those pesky hurricanes!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

We'll Cut The Deficit In Half......Well, to Half What We Enacted!

YIKES (from the WaPo)

So, if Obama means what he sez (that would be unique and new!) then by 2012 He will only have twice the deficit of Bush....

Kinda shades the Obama comments a bit more toward real-world.


"President Pantywaist!"

Gerald Warner, of the Telegraph, Examines the NEW surrender-monkey on the block!

Kinda gives it an O-U-C-H factor.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hope & Change???? - NOT So Much

Economists don't like the Obama plan.....or at least feel it will solve anything until 2010! & Then it MAY NOT BE "The One's" plan, but just a normal market revival.....



Wednesday, April 08, 2009

T-E-S-T....One, Two, Three

Are you there Prez BO????

Do you understand that a US ship has been HIJACKED?

Are you man enough to protect us, or just a wizard of the "election-mode" politics of your success??????

Guess we'll know within 48 hours!





"Get Stevens!"

The prosecutorial misconduct, now evident, in the trial of Sen. Stevens, is simply unbelievable!

Susan Estrich details the problem.

My god....can we possibly comprehend the potential for having corrupted the Senate vote difference for the next 2-6 years?

I say we need to convict these folks of some really, really serious crimes!

& I am not a Ted Stevens fan!


"The ONE!" Delivers Us To The Enemy!



What Has Obama Spent?????

WATCH, Understand, etc.

My God, we are being spent into oblivion!

The Obama-bots are still steering this "Ship-Of-Fools!"


Tuesday, April 07, 2009


How insignificant are we???



Speculation....What IF Stevens Prosecution had "Played Fair?"

The ideas are rolling about in my head, and I am I am not the brightest bulb in the many other heads.

What IF!

Senator Stevens....about whom I harbor no realistic ideas of a pure and honorable background....was convicted at a convenient time; JUST before the election in which he NARROWLY LOST!

The Senate would be one vote more GOP IF Stevens had won.

Would DEM (read liberal) proponent prosecutors possibly cheat with the intent to drive the GOP from a possible block of the Senate through their "mis-management" of the case?


The possibilities are simply fascinating.

Ah Politics......ain't they VILE!

The investigation now launched BY A JUDGE! into the HUGE problems with the conduct of the trial will be most interesting.



"Obama New High In Support!" NOT SOOOO FAST!

The NYT, The Grey Lady (in more ways than one), shouts the fact Obama is wildly popular.

Of course they found that if they asked mostly Democrats this worked wonders for their numbers. Ed Morrissey of Hot Air sez the NYT has its thumb on the scales!

If I only ask fans of whomever, then they will be the most popular. Unique thinking by the same media who find a Bush slip-o-the-tongue to indicate stupidity; however, an Obama slip-o-the-tongue is either ignored, or excused. B-I-A-S It just screams out at you.


"Global Zero"...The New Universal Coke???


Code for the naive Prez Obama's nuclear trash talk?

A New York Post OP ED!

The man is shooting himself in the foot at every turn, and if someone told the media his name was Bush instead of "The One", he'd be roasted, toasted and filleted by them.

Bias, do you see any bias, I don't see no stinking bias!


Monday, April 06, 2009


I cannot find a way to establish our new Pres as other than a rank amateur!

Sorry, but I have tried, and his every move is one of deception, subterfuge, and blunt-force.

This man had NO concept of power when he landed in the White House. He was "The One"....almost a "Matrix-Moment".....

He has, since inauguration, followed a path that quickly...within a week or two...devolved from Presidential trappings into a full-time path of campaigning....RUN...RUN...RUN!

Obama has evolved into the perfect perpetual-candidate!

He cannot stop running and is A-L-L he knows. His expertise is bereft of any other form of communication.

"Lord bless me and keep my teleprompter close at all times!"

This man is the laughing stock of the Europeans whom he championed so strongly, and still does. BUT, even this group looks upon him as a man without any form of real expertise. He is an actor on stage, ever trying to deliver his message....but woefully short of success as a communicator.

This is soon going to be an American tragedy. Obama will be less, even than Carter...and BOY-O-BOY that sez a lot.


I Donn Want You Stinking Money!

Obama, ever the clarion watchdog for COMPLETE control of banks, industry, healthcare, etc. Has found he simply does N-O-T want the TARP funds returned!

After all....IF they are returned he'd have no leverage to make the banks an adjunct of his administration instead of what they really should be....guardians of our funds and monetary activity!

THUS SPEAK Obamathrustra!

"I got your "jewels" right here, and I plan to keep them!!!!!For the "Divine" ME!



Ya want an idea of really, really

B-I-G !!!
this April 15th Tea Party thing is getting to be?



Please get to at least one of these!


What DID You Expect?

U.N. Security Council springs into action on N. Korean missile firing and DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

That's the ticket Obamassiah, let the U.N. Police the action. They never get it wrong. They just never GET IT!


Saturday, April 04, 2009

What A Maroon!

President Obama, fresh off calling our country "arrogant" to a bunch of socialist Europeans, has one of his "I GOT NO TELEPROMPTER" moments in answering a simple question....It is so good it is Ed Morrissey's (Hot Air) OBAMATEURISM-OF-THE-DAY!

Folks, from the left, used to say Bush spoke from material Carl Rove prepared. I guess this means Obama speaks from material from ?????? Emanuel, Eric "America is full of cowards" Holder, or some other dope.

My God...they thought we looked bad with Bush in charge. The Euros, and particularly Russkies, are laughing their axx off over our cartoon President who cannot stop campaigning.

Sad, Sad, Sad!


Friday, April 03, 2009

3rd Party Potential Grows With Tea Party Success!

Note: Picture added cause I like Sam Adams beer!

For those who think the Tea Party effort is GOP oriented....take a 2nd look!

Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, has word on the growing possibility of a 3rd Party.

Bring it on, sez me. The GOP has shown absolutely no restraint when in control, and little motivation to fight the tax and spend DEM party.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Grandkids Are Going To PAY!

BOY-O-BOY Are They!



Tampa Tea Party for Tax Day!

I'll be there with signs and camera....possibly live-blogging. Hope to see most of you as well....if not here, then in YOUR city....Lil Duke will be at the Tea Party at The Landing in Jacksonville.

CHECK Here for details on Tampa's activities...

I hope tens of the up across the country. Of course, the Lame Stream Media will not cover it. They will still be rehashing the 4,000 folks protesting at the G20 event.

Nothing interesting here in the good ol USA to report on....well, except perhaps on a new frock worn by The 1st Lady.


The Trust Trick!

At CNNPolitics Penn Jillette (the large half of penn and teller) speaks about Obama:

"President Obama is so damn smart. He just drips smart. He clearly understands stuff that we could never understand. He's trustworthy. If Obama were teaching fire-eating, we would all learn fast. If he told you that the burns would be minor and the fire would go out when you closed your mouth, you'd believe him. If I weren't twice his weight, I'd fall back with my eyes closed into his caring arms in one of those cheesy '70s church trust exercises. He could talk me into anything.

Obama tells us that we can spend our way out of debt. He tells us that even though the government had control over the banks and did nothing to stop the bad that's going on, if we give them more control over more other bank-like things, then they can make sure bad stuff doesn't happen ever again. He says we can get out of all those big wars President Bush caused by sending more troops into Afghanistan. And I don't know. I really don't know.

I trusted my Dad that turning into a skid would work. I trusted my carny mentor, Doc Swan, that closing my mouth around a burning torch would put it out. They were right. Maybe the United States borrowing more money than I could imagine in a billion years with a billion computers and a billion monkeys typing on them, will get us out of financial trouble. I really don't know. It's certainly true that many counterintuitive things are true, and when you have the guts to do something counterintuitive that works, it's really cool. It's a superpower under our yellow sun.

But there are some things that are just intuitive. Did you know, that if you're going 100 mph, directly at a very, very thick, reinforced concrete wall, and you speed up, so you're accelerating right when you hit the wall that the accident you have is going to be much worse than if you'd jammed on the brakes as soon as you saw the wall at the end of the street? Did you know that? It's exactly what everything you know and feel would tell you, and it's exactly true. Most times when you're driving, or playing with fire, or handling money, the thing that makes sense to you is also true.

I way hope we're turning into a skid and not accelerating into a concrete wall."

Kinda makes you wonder doesn't it. Anyone else notice how many Obamabots are suddenly questioning?