Friday, February 29, 2008

We is LOST folks!


I did!


"The Katrina of All Fences!"

Boy, if that is not a correct assessment of the fence fiasco foisted upon us by GWB & Michael Chertoff, then I am named Bambi!

At Slate Mickey Kaus tells the tale.

Anybody out there believe Bush will see ANY fence built before he departs chortling about how he pulled the wool over the eyes of his Conservative supporters? This man is becoming almost as accomplished a liar as the Clinton "Hill-Billy" team!

I am cringing as I know Obama and Hillary will do NOTHING to stop the illegals or reduce their numbers. I am also cringing because I do not believe McCain's statement on having seen the light because of his party's massive leaning toward control the border and the employers.



Thursday, February 28, 2008

Majority Now Believe We're Winning!!!!

OOPSIE........Pelosi and Reid ain't gonna like this......

From Hot Air...

Wowser! The Dems are gonna be in a dither and even find themselves flummoxed and discombobulated!

& If that is not less than Angelina (Sigh!) Jolie has endorsed The Surge! as working...


R.I.P., William F. Buckley

"Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality, the costs become prohibitive."
— William F. Buckley, Jr.

Would that more of us had the gift of seeing through the BS to the primary point...from a conservative point of view.


"Ban Guns and Only Criminals Will....." Part 1,345

The lefty poo-poo anti-gun group are still dancing as fast as they can to sell the world on control of guns as control of crime.

Their biggest problem seems to be that NO WHERE HAS GUN CONTROL REDUCED CRIME! In fact, let us take a look at Australia's shiny-new gun control laws....

From our friend, Neal Boortz...This report:


Yesterday on the program I got to talking about a John Stossel column about gun laws ... and how they don't work. Then I get the emails, "Boortz – you're wrong! How can you believe that more guns equals more protection ...". In fact, researchers can find no instance in history where banning handguns has led to less violence involving handguns. It just isn't the case.

Now some of you may not have seen this information in a while, if not at all. But here's what happened in Australia just one year after gun owners were forced to surrender their means of protection. By the way, "disarming" Australia cost the taxpayers $500 million.

A dramatic increase in criminal activity has been experienced.


* Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2%
* Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6%
* Australia-wide, armed-robberies are up 44% (yes, FORTY-FOUR PERCENT)
* In the state of Victoria, homicides-with-firearms are up 300%
* Figures over the previous 25 years show a steady decrease in homicides-with-firearms (changed dramatically in the past 12 months)
* Figures over the previous 25 years show a steady decrease in armed-robbery-with-firearms (changed dramatically in the past 12 months)
* There has been a dramatic increase in breakins-and-assaults-of- the-elderly
* At the time of the ban, the Prime Minister said "self-defense is not a reason for owning a firearm"

Are you starting to get the picture, folks? Now here is some good news you don't see every day. A bill is being proposed in Oklahoma that would allow college students to carry concealed weapons on campus. It's headed to the House floor as we speak. It would allow students to carry firearms if they are at least 21-years-old and are licensed to carry a concealed weapon. The bill would only apply to government colleges and universities. Rep. Jason Murphey, who proposed the bill, says that the greater value of this law would be that potential shooters would be hesitant to come onto college campuses."

Yeppers.....just give criminals the excuse to attack, and they will. If they know I have a shotgun in my home, they are not going to try me any more than they are a local police station!

The left needs to get-a-grip on reality. Yes, I know for the left reality is a strange concept.


Global Warming Goes "POOF!"

G W is gone.......well, at least the entire amount temperatures have supposedly risen in the past 100 years. It all went away IN ONE YEAR!

Read it at Breitbart!

Poor OwlGore.....guess he'll have to look for a new job. Maybe he can now hawk the horrendous results of Global Cooling!


Monday, February 25, 2008

"Flowers" for the Pres-Ordained!

Hillary is NOT gonna like this......

Jennifer Flowers is now going to sell her tapes of Wet Willy and her in phone conversations.....

TITLED: Oh No!!!!
They show the depths of depravity of Bill (supposedly).....

The fact of Bill's philandering is not question....the depths of his depravity might be! CAUSE.....Hillary still ties to him.....

Darn those marriages of convenience!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

From The "We Has Met The Enemy & They Is US!" Department

Too good.....just too good.

Let me see. We, the US Taxpayer, subsidize the corn growing industry. The corn growing industry stands to make gazillions of # from production of ethanol for fuel.

However, there is a slight problem.....The production of corn ethanol is apparently completely illegal!!!!!

Read it, then laugh at another example of legislating things gone run-amok!

Maybe the oil industry can step in and help. They're pretty good at avoiding the laws!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Foist On Me Own Pitard!

John McCain........ah but I knew you when......

YOU!!!...Helped enact McCain-Feingold!

& Now, while still not admitting it is a piece of garbage to the political system, want O-U-T!!!

Doesn't work for you any better than it does for anyone else....

Great stuff on the topic at Chris Muir's Day-By-Day Cartoon

As I have mentioned before, if you are not reading Chris daily, you are missing some mighty fine'll find it each day in the right column of this blog!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Empty Vessel is Nearing Control!

This should be a nice thing for the GOP!

But.....IS IT????

Obama gets #10 in a row.

Hillary is grabbing at straws......but in her world straws can be spun!

IF Obama wins, the GOP should have smooth sailing as the GOP candidate asks Obama to "define" change......

Sometimes that simply does not work........Kennedy gave us a campaign based on rhetoric. Others have done the same. Could Obama steal the election as his opponent McCain implodes as an "old insider?"

Possible, my friends......Unless Obama's "Empty Vessel", and his extreme leftist ideals can be exposed.


Monday, February 18, 2008

More MAY DAY Statements From Hillary's Camp???

The harangue continues.......

Now Clintons charge Obama with plaragism???? Of WHAT!

Political statements....they are a dime-a-dozen, and so oft-repeated as to be reflective of ALL.....Obama's words seem to be "Change"....and of course so are many others words.

BUT the important issues seem to be there is VERY, VERY LITTLE actual definition of what "Change" means!

When the candidates have completed their control of the two parties, there will be time enough to ask questions, demand firm ideas, etc.

WAYYYYYY Too much Time!

Is there an actual end to this campaign????? Will the next begin as soon as this ends.....SCARY stuff!


Muslim "Astronomer" Announces Discovery(s)

I did not know Muslims actually still had astronomy (they played a big part in very, very early astronomy!) as a subject....but this one is just W-A-Y too priceless.......

1st......The Sun is a flat is the Earth.....

2nd.....The Sun is only twice the size of the Moon.....(Oh, and half the size of the Earth!)

Oh well, hell...just go read at Little Green Footballs!

Too priceless......and we wonder why their ideas about women are so dated?????

Scary stuff.


Friday, February 15, 2008

One Gun...Licensed!!!!

Once again, I must wonder what the result of the maniac shooting at Northern Illinois University would have been if ONE student in the class had been a licensed carrier of a gun......

I have a small connection to NIU.....I once called their football games as the field announcer.....long ago, and far away....

I was then a radio newsman in Rockford, nearby.....

It is a small, lovely campus in a farm town.....I feel for the folks there, and have, in fact, a daughter, Son-in-law and three grandchildren in Rockford.....This is too close to home!

Licensed gun owners DO NOT kill.....they stop unlicensed folk who do bad deeds....

Sad! I pray for the victims and their families in DeKalb......


I Love Cartoonists! - Some Try To Kill Them!!!!

Much too much!

I posted below about the cartoonists who dared provide a "free speech" cartoon of the long-held leader of Islam.......

Now a new piece that says it so much better than I....

At Pajamas Media!

How very, very telling that the "Religion of Peace" is really the "Religion of Death!!!!"

There is NO justification for either their thoughts, nor their actions!


IF Obama is THE Annointed!!!!!

WOW, What a consideration.....what a thought-never-before-thought!

The Clintons are NOT invincible??????

Of course, you cannot separate the Clintons.... You BUY the package....OR you buy none!

THEY see to that!

BUT.....Obama, using one magical word......CHANGE!!!!!!

Is able to find a way to win in many, many states! He gives NO definition of what "Change" IS!!!!! He offers no solutions to our problems....except, of course, his $860 BILLION offerings for correction of the problems.....

He is the "Anti-Clinton", and that, my friends, is a tremendous force!!!!!

Billary - HillaBill....are a known quantity, and they are NOT LIKED!

I guess I can see an Obama WIN here....

Then on to the Campaign, and the forces of "Show Us The Beef!"

Obama will have to provide some fodder of his ideas....& That could be KILLER for his campaign!


Evil, Evil Business.....Be Gone!!!!!

Hillary plays the entire deck of cards on how "Profit" is a 4 letter word!!!!!

We don't need no profit.....we can takes it for the poor!!!!!

What a crock of shxx!!!!!

Just read the items Hillary said, and the response by Neal Boortz.....


Hillary plays to her crowd....those who primarily feel they are disadvantaged by the fact they have NOT achieved......Plus they love the single-mom; single-woman mode....

I guess we all need to apologize for making business in the USA run, and profit....after all to Hillary "Profit is a 4 letter word"!

What a sick way to ruin America! Actually it is a sick way to R-U-I-N America!!!!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Those "Nice Mexicans" Are Trying to Kill Our Border Patrol Agents!

This is the latest in attacks against our Border Patrol.....

A PIANO WIRE to decapitate them!!!

Yeah, we have nothing to fear from the millions invading our country.....Illegally!!!!



Mohammed Pics Live On!

The facts are.....The pictures were a number of terrorists have been arrested for trying to kill a cartoonist!

Michelle Malkin TELLS THE TALE!!!!

Every blogger needs to place this foremost.....


Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Hillary Will NOT Be Our Next President!"

Yeppers, it is a prediction, and valid in its arguments......BY BEN SMITH at!

The words are good, the theme plausible.....BUT.....

The Clintons (Billary) will NOT "go softly into that good night".....They simply do not know how. They are a fighting machine, and army of two, a dreadnaught of awesome capability.

They consider themselves the anointed! The Blessed! The Chosen!

They truly believe, given their decades of success, that they cannot be defeated!

Much, much more likely is a scenario where the Billary will lose, but in the process of extracting every last possible move to keep them in a power position, they will KILL the very Dem machine they represented....They may well hand the torch of leadership to the themselves!


UPDATE: May-Day; May-Day!.....this might be something saying the ship is being deserted! O.K., Then We're Leaving, BUT It Ain't Cause We're Losing!


Friday, February 08, 2008

Hasta La Vista Baby!!!!!

The Mexicans are going home......WHY.....because they can no longer work here....


No Wall needed....just eliminate their ability to be criminal aliens working here, and they WILL go home!

Nuff Said!!!!!


"John McCain abhors them. Hillary Rodham Clinton embraces them. Barack Obama does a little of both."


Folks, this is serious....wonder why it is all the true NEWS about candidates, where they stand, and what they do vs what they say....has to come from the blogosphere???

Gosh, could the Main Stream (Antique) Media be slightly biased????

Heaven forbid!

Let me recall, the most-recent stats on the believability of the MSM were 26% of the population believed any part of an MSM story!!! Oh yeah, I forgot!


RUH-ROH!!!! Global Warming Is "COOLING???"

Yeppers, you'll not see this in the MSM as they are dedicated to OwlGore's Global Warming.....

BUT One place is seeking funding to study an impending Global Cooling!!!!!


This is what I had feared......yep.....something to destroy the illogical air palace that Gore has built....what WILL the man do for a future endeavor???? Maybe run for office as the man who "SAVED" us from Global Warming.....

Stranger things have happened....


On "Wealth Redistribution!"

A primary yell and scram stump ploy for the Democrat Party is "Wealth Redistribution" know, taking money from people who actually earn it and giving it to people who do not earn it. It is among the biggest of the Liberal Left's bag of vote-getting tricks. Simply put it allows Democrat politicians to get votes from those who do not earn money, but are given it under the redistribution programs!

Brett Rogers posts on the topic at my new post site, American Conservative Party


American Conservative Party - Now Online!

I am now contributing at a new site....Daily Pundit's American Conservative Party which is offering numbers of folks the opportunity to join in an experiment which Bill Quick is hoping will produce some cohesive movement toward an actual conservative party.

Drop by the link above and read a few can be addicting!


"The Buying Votes With Borrowed Money Bill" Passes

Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit applied the label to the bill.....I find it dead on to what the thing represents.

I cannot find how a borrowing of BILLIONS to give most people a few hundred dollars will benefit anyone long-term.

However, as Glenn indicates...It sure is likely to get some votes.... Just one small question....Since both parties voted for it, and Bush will almost assuredly sign it, which party benefits?

I believe the Democrats think they will, and the GOP was too afraid of losing votes to stand up against the thing.



Thursday, February 07, 2008

NIE.....OOPS! We Didn't Mean What We Said!

The CIA is backtracking, digging, etc. for their report last year that the Iranians were NOT pursuing nuclear weapons.....

What they REALLLLLLY meant was It is NOT CLEAR!!!!!

But we were just being nice guys, and trying really, really hard to keep things in OUR favor!

CIA = Nut cases with credentials.....they truly believe they can drive the USA to accept their own political convictions!

& What is sad is they might be right! Our public wants to make sure we are W-R-O-N-G, almost as much as the Liberals who espouse the CIA ideals!


They are now a political action committee with REALLY BIG BUCKS!

Close em down!


YOIKS! - Romney out?????

It seems Romney is announcing his "suspension" of his campaign during the appearance before the conservatives.....

That is a WOW and a half!

Guess we live or die by Mr. Illegal, Mr. Anti-Judge; Mr. Suspend Free Speech; etc. ad nauseum!

What a really, really bad choice......What a revelation that the GOP Right could not organize a basketball tournament for two teams....what a sad day.....

Now on to the real opponent, the Clintons!!!!!!

Do you believe, for a minute, the Clintons will allow this "Black Man" to take the nomination.....NOT in this lifetime! They will cheat, swindle, connive, lie, cry, cough, and anything alse it takes to insure "Her Highness" is annointed by the Democrat Gods as "Their Candidate".....

We is in BIG Trouble BOSS!!!!!!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

For The "No McCain - No Way!" Crowd.....

Food for thought from Bill Whittle:

"After seven years of watching and fighting against Americans who wish to see the country suffer so that they can get at George Bush, the last thing I wanted or expected to see was conservatives saying they would rather see the country suffer than support John McCain over Clinton or Obama, so that they can "get the blame."

A retreat before victory is assured in Iraq cannot be undone in 2012. And mandatory, single-payer, universal health care, once established, will not EVER go away either.

I am not impugning anyone's motives. I believe I have a reasonable understanding of principled behavior. But if your goal is to see the country punished because---

You can stop right there. If your goal is to see America punished, and her people open to attack and/or ruined financially in order to prove a point for any reason, then you do not deserve politial power nor are you likely to achieve it. A party is a compact. It is, essentially, a pleage of mutual support. As a matter of fact, it's nothing more or less than a promise.

A political party is a series of personal compromises in order to achieve a goal unattainable by the perfect political party: one's own self. If McCain is the legal and lawfully selected nominee, and Republicans decide to walk away from their party in droves, what makes them think they will be able to count on those who, you know, actually went out and voted Republican either joyfully or through clenched teeth, in order to prevent The Deluge?

If your idea of any political party is one that means unlimited support for your personal values if your candidate is ascendant, while you in turn owe none to those you dislike or even disdain, you might be in for a surprise in future elections.

Speaking as a FredHead myself, I am bitterly disappointed that I did not even have the chance to vote for a man I admired, and am more distraught still to find myself in the position I now occupy. I see many, many worrisome things about John McCain, but being tough on terror and spending are not among them. We could do worse. Two names come to mind immediately.

Much is said about principles, and since I am not able elect anyone BY MYSELF I have entered into this pact with the group of people who I feel most comfortable with in terms of values. If they, as a body, choose a candidate who is not my first, second, third or fourth choice, then I can look to the Democrats. There I find views so antithetical to everything I believe that I realize there is indeed something to this idea of party loyalty.

And I cannot help but think that such a kind and practical man as Ronald Reagan would be amazed that his name was being invoked so frequently in order to insure that the most liberal, socialist, power-hungry statist in my living memory is elected. I'm glad he's not here to see this because if he knew the consequences of what was being done in his name, I believe it would kill the man."

Has me re-thinking my stand......However, if the GOP were to elect McCain, and he pulled the Hillary shuffle on Illegals, etc. I'd probably never forgive myself...let alone McCain!


Tuesday, February 05, 2008


They are shaky, at best........

I believe the "Super Tuesday" vote will give us this.......

Romney will be regenerated.....he will be a contender!

He will not lead, but no McCain victory will mean a fight to the finish.....

Obama will be the leader of the votes for his party nomination, but Clinton will be close! Neither will win this Tuesday!

Clintons will proceed into "full-attack-mode"....they will unveil crying, man vs woman, black vs white, and lots more to win the remaining votes.....


The major thing, already being addressed by Chelsea out the "Super Votes!"

They will decide the nominee.....

The Clintons know this, and they are in tune with Obama?????

Interesting stuff!


Tears For TV!!!! - The Hillary Story....

Must be a big voting day.....Hillary had tears....TWICE!

Last time was the day before the New Hampshire primary......Now the day before the Super Tuesday voting....both times when Hillary was in an apparent retreat and needed the weepy-woman vote. (Sorry, I am jaded by Hillary and her infrequent, quite timed episodes of emotion!)

Neal Boortz details what my feelings are...and he obviously researched much more deeply than I.....


Well, it is the day before a huge primary, isn't it? Remember the day before the primary in New Hampshire? Hillary cries. Women go "awwwwwwwwww ... " and Hillary pulls an unexpected win.

Now here we are the day before the Super Duper Tuesday primaries ... women are deserting the Hillary camp for Barack Obama ... and Hillary tears up again; this time while being introduced by a former professor.

Yeah ... works for me.

If you believe Hillary's tears yesterday were genuine ... and not pure electoral manipulation ... then you might also believe:

* That Hillary married bill for love, and now for power.
* That Hillary really did believe that the whole Monica Lewinsky thing was cooked up by a bunch of right wingers
* That Hillary actually didn't know that those Rose Law Firm billing records were in her possession for the entire two years that she was swearing to congress, under oath, that she did not know where they were.
* That she didn't have anything to do with firing the White House travel office staff, and that even if she did she most certainly didn't say "fire their asses."
* That she knew nothing about her husband's pardon for those FALN Puerto Rican terrorists just before the New York Senatorial election, and that she was as surprised as we were when she got the Puerto Rican vote in New York!
* That Hillary didn't know that there was a photographer, hired by her and her husband, hiding in the palms on that beach in St. Thomas to snap a picture of her dancing with her "husband."
* That Hillary dances with her husband all the time!
* That Hillary holds the men and women who serve in our armed forces in actual high regard.
* That Hillary didn't eventually cost the U.S. Taxpayers $73 million by using her position at the Rose Law Firm to shelter a failing savings and loan association.
* Hillary didn't hire Craig Livingstone an had no clue that he was gathering FBI files on Clinton enemies.

Someone had better get the tissues ready for election eve."

Don't you just love it? If this current waterworks effort by Hillary works enticing the emotional-woman vote, then I resign from the process! I somehow have faith the women of the US are NOT that easily swayed (twice).......we'll see!



Monday, February 04, 2008

Bring on The Clowns!

Hillary, known here often as "The Hildabeast!" has resorted once again to the "tears".....

Will the Democrat voters again accept the Hillary tears....and find themselves in the circle of idiocy!

God these folks are just not in touch!


Election (can it happen) vs it is gonna happen!

WOW the election is WAY too involved to make an outcome simple.....

States that give the challenge to ONE candidate.... States that divide the votes by candidate....etc.....

This election is NOT over....even for the GOP and DEM candidates....

They will march on for the party nominations....and why is the Democrat Party so involved in these "Super Delegates?" & Why is Hillary's daughter already plowing the field of obtaining commitment from these folk???? I guess they know the Tuesday vote will provide no final definition, and they are already hedging their bets!

Yee Haw! Bring it on!


MAY DAY!, MAY DAY! - Bring on The T-E-A-R-S!

The Clinton play book calls for it, and there it is.....

Hillary is fading......OOPS!

Time for MAJOR TEARS! After all, it won New Hampshire, and surely it will prevail again against the force of REAL discussion, real provisions for the new Pres, etc.

How VERY, VERY sad that this all-too-predictable feminine projection by a woman who last cried tears on her wedding night, is a major force in her "coronation-campaign!"

Makes me SICK!

The Anchoress has details about the T-E-A-R-S!!!!.....


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Romney Swing Underway!

After what appeared to be a McCain major gain in Florida, there is a slow but definite move to Romney. California is either even or leaning Romney by 1-3 points...all depending upon who poll you read; Georgia...just a few days ago a McCain stronghold is even; and more states are showing rapid movement.....

Could be........looks like the solidification of McCain is NOT happening, and he may have peaked a tad early.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Fire, A Good Wine, & Peace!

Sometimes it is just G-O-O-D to let it all out, and drop out from the pace of posting, political items, etc.

Tonight I did that.

Our outside fireplace was waiting....I was ready (We live in Tampa, and the "cool" evening was probably about 60 degrees.......)

I stoked the metal fireplace with wood, and lit the thing, and soon a joyous fire was dancing about in my backyard. I sat in the screened porch, my glass of "Portal Real", a fine dry red was just right for the event.

I sat thus for more than an hour as the fire danced, and changed.

Peaceful at the least........wonderfully enjoyable at the most.

I love a fire, and the wine with it is simply awesome in making me a peaceful person!


We Have A "Romney Rising"!!!!!!!

Yeppers, folks it is so....Rasmussen makes the McCain - Romney thing a close contest!

READ it courtesy of Captains Quarters!

Romney is NOT dead....we may have a fight we can win!


UPDATE!: Hugh Hewitt is on Board....

IF Attacked by a Muslim....PLEASE Do Not Defend Yourself!

If you think this is funny, just wait til it comes to America.......

FROM Little Green Footballs!

This IS NOT A JOKE!!!!

Its is REAL....It is the thinking of Muslims....NOT just Muslim Extremists...else why the demonstration?

Be aware of the thinking folks.....forget the LETs JUST ALL GET ALONG PC BS!

These folks want you to live by THEIR religious rules, and they will settle for NOTHING LESS!


Friday, February 01, 2008

Romney/Thompson - Sadness....It Ain't A Happenin!

This would work for me, and probably for most of the Conservative/Libertarian branch of the party. It will NOT HAPPEN....for the same reason the Thompson campaign failed.

Fred Thompson was the ideal of our agenda......he was not able to excite the party...particularly the "middle-roaders".......

Romney has the experience, and the class...just not the "middle-roaders".....

McCain, despite the McCain/Feingold; Gang-of-14; Illegals agendas/ not seen as bad by the ..........YOU GUESSED IT!!!!!!......."middle roaders"......

Sad, sad, sad for the GOP. We have not been able to mount a campaign for OUR beliefs! WE are not willing to step forward, vote and support the agenda. Thus we will end up with the W-R-O-N-G agenda......perhaps McCain could best be labeled "Hillary-Lite!"



McCain - Democrat???? Nearly Happened in 2001!!!

Does that "shiver your timbers" folks?????

The report is, it is TRUE!


This is our current #1 candidate by the polls, almost-Democrat!!!!!

I need to leave now......I believe I am about to be S-I-C-K!!!!!!

Mitt Romney looks awfully GOOD!!!!!!


RECORD OIL INCOME $......% of Profit Remains Static!

The last half of the above headline will NOT be said by any of the MSM....and not even by FOX, the supposed much more neutral media!


B-U-T! The % of profits remain the same. there is NO price-gouging....there is no sudden increase in things for the oil companies. They continue to provide oil/gas.... They continue to profit, but AT THE SAME RATE!

Only a Liberal Democrat/Socialist will see A-N-Y form of profit as bad news.

"Profit, my friends, is NOT a four-letter word!" It is what keeps the USA going. No profit, no business, no investors, no strong USA economy. That simple!


Now It Gets D-I-R-T-Y!!!!

75 people die in the worst Iraq bombing IN A YEAR!

Two bombers exploded in Pet Bazaars in Baghdad......

Now the awful, awful turn in Iraq....

The bombers were retarded folk who may not have even known of the remote-detonated bombs they carried.

Anybody want to debate me on "The Religion of Peace?"

Sickness knows no bounds in the world of terrorists! Of course, the actual terrorists are safe at their homes, planning the next way to use women, retarded folks, children to carry forth their views.....they, themselves cannot, of course, be challenged to do anything but plan and involve the folks who know no better.

Damn the Islamic Terrorists! You destroy life in the guise of religion....

& Of course, your exercise in a new method explains just how very, very desparate you are to find someone....anyone who will wear bomb....."Fool them into thinking it is a magic vest of learning!"

Idiocy! Sad!