Thursday, May 31, 2007

AP has Problem with Their Kyoto Coverage!

This is fun!!!!!

NPR is the bastion of news media coverage of.....well....EVERYTHING!

BUT They are so inept as to be comical....

Read THIS and know!

These folks NEVER issue an apology, cause they know they are P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!!

My god what has happened to the media since I left in the early 70s?????

Time for a TRUTH in media presentation. Just to help us gain perspective!

NEVER HAPPEN in today's Liberal-run media coverage!


Do You See an Illegal, I don't See No Illegal!

Pocketbook politics are usually just that.....TRUTH!

The facts are folks, Bush and his Kennedy-cousin Illegal deal are bringing W-O-E to the GOP....

Just READ the Hotair item...

When, if ever, will the GOP wake up and begin to realize that BUSH is the death knell for 2008? This idiot was a fine 9/11 follower, charger, and doer!

He now is off in left field, literally......

This guy has to be stopped.....
AND....I Gar-an-tee I shall give not one farthing to the GOP til this idiocy stops!!!!

My only possible donation-receiver could be Thompson!

BUT He has to give me Illegal creds 1st!


Bush Announces: "Damn My Supporters, Full Speed Ahead on Amnesty!"

G. W. Bush has now completed his slide into complete lack of communication with his know, the ones who twice put him in office!

The Examiner states it plainly.

I, for one, find my desire to see this bill scuttled to be paramount among the many opinions I hold! FIRST secure the borders!

In case you are one of those who want to cuddle with the illegals as "just plain folks seeking a job" need to read this little piece by Neal Boortz on his Neal's Nuze just today.....


FBI officials are reporting that violent crime is still on the rise. Youth violence, gangs and gun crimes are largely to blame. In the first six months of 2006, violent crime rose 3.7 percent nationwide.

Now, wouldn't you like to own a gun in self-defense?

But wait! There's more! In a study done in summer of 2006, illegal aliens—or should I say criminals -- were linked to the rise in criminal activity in our country. Now ... get this: There is an average of 8 arrests per incarcerated illegal alien in this country. And these aren't just first offenders. Almost every single last one of them already had more than one arrest. And they are committing more than just one offense when arrested. You can average about 13 offenses per illegal alien. And then once they are arrested, American tax dollars are footing the bill for their incarceration. I am paying to house a criminal that isn't even a citizen of this country.

OK ... so you read that last paragraph, and you said: "No way Boortz. You're wrong. Either you're lying or you just misread the research." OK .. you have a few choices here. You can click on this link. It's an article written by Jim Kouri, a vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police. Or you can just read this paragraph I lifted out of his article:

In the population study of a sample of 55,322 (incarcerated) illegal aliens, researchers found that they were arrested at least a total of 459,614 times, averaging about 8 arrests per illegal alien. Nearly all had more than 1 arrest. Thirty-eight percent (about 21,000) had between 2 and 5 arrests, 32 percent (about 18,000) had between 6 and 10 arrests, and 26 percent (about 15,000) had 11 or more arrests. Most of the arrests occurred after 1990.

Seal the borders."

Can I Get an A-MEN????

Kathryn Jean Lopez sums her recent article with a comment I find quite revealing about where this Bush-led fiasco is leading us:

" As initial details emerged about the immigration deal, conservatives were demoralized. (As folks read the bill, even moreso.) Readers have e-mailed me using the “I” word — impeachment. Most weren’t serious; but all were genuinely concerned. When Republicans like George W. Bush, and even the beloved conservative Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, give in to a vast amnesty plan, how much worse could the Democrats be? I hate the immigration issue for many reasons, but most practically because it may have just won the Democrats the presidency in 2008. "


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Damn Them Republicans and Their Economy!

IT IS WAYYYYYY TO GOOD! particularly for the Democrats!

Just read it and weep Mr. Democrat!!!!!!

Here is the story today!
He He He!!!!

Just gotta love it!


He's B-A-C-K !!!!!!

The "Thompson" is here and moving.....and excitement is growing among the Reaganesque department of the GOP!!!!

Here it is folks: ENJOY!

I, for one, am excited. Thompson is the ONLY GOP person who has the power and the recognition factor which likens him to Ronnie!

I am ready, are YOU???



No, it is NOT a command to the is


You need to READ IT!

The problem is, my friends, once you have acclimated yourself to today.....TOMORROW then rears it's ugly head!

Love the younger folk who adapt quickly......I, considering my self fairly computer-logical, and adaptable, still feel I am being "rushed" by the advance of technology. This is scary for the next generation.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Illegals....Read It and WEEP!!!!

My God, but the madness of this Bush-DEM plot to make legal the criminals, and to provide NOTHING to stop the flow of same......




Back to The Trenches RE: Illegals!

This is just too much......

How can the cadre of Illegal-supporters possibly find reason to stand their ground?????

Man, this is beyond me....but the Captain (Captain Ed) has it down pat!!!!

Live it or leave it, folks.....just do NOT allow Bush, et al to claim rights for the illegals.....


Washington State? - Desecration of Flags? Common Link????

I just cannot help but link the events and the location.....The Bastion of Liberal idiocy is the NW...Washington is among the tops.....

Then the story WE ALL NEED TO READ!

This proves what? That the idiots who do such desecration are seeking publicity....they are NOT people of principle....they are NOT people who understand the fact that folks can disagree.....

This group of sluggards of the brain......they find only reason to oppose what they do not agree with, and they will do anything to simply express their idiocy!

How very, very smart of them to expose their own lack of intelligence!

Go Idiots! - Prove just how very, very unsmart you are, and just how much you lack in facts vs fiction.....


First, STOP The Flood!

Peggy Noonan said it so well, I can but repeat it here.....

"We should stop, slow down and absorb. We should sit and settle. We should do what you do after eating an eight-course meal. We should digest what we've eaten.

We should close our borders. We should do whatever it takes to close them tight and solid. Will that take the Army? Then send the Army. Does it mean building a wall? Then build a wall, but the wall must have doors, which can be opened a little or a lot down the road once we know where we are. Should all legal immigration stop? No. We should make a list of what our nation needs, such as engineers and nurses, and then admit a lot of engineers and nurses. We should take in what we need to survive and flourish.

As we end illegal immigration, we should set ourselves to the Americanization of the immigrants we have. They haven't only joined a place of riches, it's a place of meaning. We must teach them what it is they've joined and why it is good and what is expected of them and what is owed. We stopped Americanizing ourselves 40 years ago. We've got to start telling the story of our country again."

Now that that has been said, I'd ask my readers only to look into their own hearts and see if they believe Bush and the Dems when they say the new bill will do something to control Illegal Immigration....

Is there a chance in hell that the new bill will stem the flow, control borders, or track employers????? It didn't work in the 80s, nor the 90s....and it will not work now. Bush cares not. Time to hobble this lame duck!



Monday, May 28, 2007

Global Warming - Phooey!!!

As one cartoon character used to loudly proclaim, "That's alls I can stands; I can'ts stand no more!"

That has become my response to the confirmed Global Warming Idiotarians (for it is their religion) who loudly proclaim that the debate is settled, the discussion over, the facts known, and therefore all those who question: a) if GW actually exists and b) if it does exist is it the fault of MAN? should just shut up and go along. To question is heresy!

By the who feels there is no need for further consideration/discussion of any topic is usually the one who has run out of facts and arguments...thus wishes to end the discussion on THEIR note.

Some connections/facts/reports that the GW Idiotarians will ignore or try to pass off as not acceptable....unprofessional, etc......particularly the dyed-in-the-wool clan of "the sky is falling" church of Gore.....I have an acquaintance in Russia who is a member of the clan. Here are some facts/reports spite of your conclusions....will you read them?

1. Professor Bob Carter, of the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University in Australia had a cogent comment on Gore's film..."Gore's circumstantial arguments are so weak that they are pathetic. It is simply incredible that they, and his film, are commanding public attention." One might say that Professor Carter is only one scientist.....then one needs to read the entire article by Tom Harris on "Scientists respond to Gore's warnings of climate catastrophe". There are MANY scientists who do not agree with Gore.

2. Harris also goes a bit further with an article disputing Gore's "science" of the changes in Earth's atmosphere (real or alleged!). He is detailed in this analysis.

The 1st two above are from the Canadian Free Press.

3. There is an article in a UK paper which also disputes the Gore-facts with a story of Russian challenge to Gore's story... Including a $10,000 bet we'll COOL in the next decade. The article is penned by David Adams, Science Correspondent for The Guardian.

4. Dr. Timothy Ball says simply, the science isn't settled! and relates in his article why the clammer for elimination of discussion is idiocy!

5. Jeff Keuter examines why "The Truth is Inconvenient: Evaluating Gore's Claims About the Political Dimensions of the Climate Change Debate."

My former school-mate in Russia often spouts on the facts as settled, and not up for debate. It is a scenario used often by those who wish not to debate.

The comforting fact for me is that many are now joining the "questioning" squad.... many abandoning the former "all-inclusive" Gore Team. At the least many, many top scientists are now saying "we do not know enough to tell"....

Folks I make a bold prognostication....In ten years there will be a new "Man-Hates/Destroys Earth" cause....what will it be? A colder, freezing Earth? All Earth's water evaporating into space? Man evolving into demon?

I have not a clue, but you can bet the "Man-is-wrong" crowd will have a cause...and they will be ignoring completely the fact they were ever involved in the Global Warming scandal!

Nuff Said!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ruh Rooo! - The MSM & Dems Ain't Gonna Like This!

You will have to read this here cause I can gare-un-tee you will not see it in the Main Stream Media! It just simply does not match their position and agenda....sooooo I simply is NOT NEWS!

Course it is still true.....something the media does not care for at this juncture!

Captain Ed explains how from the early 90s to now the fastest growing income levels are AMONG THE POOREST LEVEL OF PEOPLE!

I reiterate Capt Ed's statement....this isn't gonna sit well particularly with John (Two Americas) Edwards!

He He


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another Reason for Illegals to GOOOOOO!


I ask you, what is Bush thinking?????
What is the Congress thinking?????


Let us vote anyone who votes for the illegal immigration bill "OUT OF OFFICE!!!"


2 Critical Amendments......READ THESE!

It is time for a REALITY-CHECK in the field of politics......

Here is a 2-Pronged effort.......

From Captain's Quarters Blog!

READ IT, FRIENDS! YOU need to read the above......YOU really do!


A Piece of "SHxx!"

Yeppers folks, this is the view of one of the major players in the Illegal disaster....

Just read it HERE & IN FULL COLOR!

I am a person of some consideration for the people of this Earth! However, the fact of such a statement from the Minority Leader is ASTOUNDING!!!!

I am also a person convinced that the majority of the USA residents have not a clue just how serious this entire thing is!

It is OUR FUTURE @ PC (political correctness) is NOT going to only weakens us as a nation! It is Socialist at the least and Communist at the evil end!!!!


In The Tampa Tribune: Subtitle...."Over 80% Reject Attacks"

That is Muslims IN THE USA!
Maybe their headline and story should be in perspective......Oh, like say the story on Neal Boortz web page:


A Pew Research Center poll released this week reveals that one in four young Muslims living in America feels that suicide bombings to defend their religion are just fine, thank you very much. So, how's that for a religion of peace? I guess the good news here is that three out of four younger Muslims, and about 80 percent of Muslims altogether, say that suicide bombings are not appropriate. Just the same, one in four is a pretty hefty number, especially when the the idea of defending their religion includes the act of killing people who draw cartoons of Mohammed or utter any negative comment of any nature whatsoever about Islam. Remember .. these are Muslims living in the United States, many of whom were born here. This would mean that the Muslims who support the idea of suicide bombings have been taught to think this way in their Mosques an in their associations with other Muslims. This is where homegrown terrorism comes from, the type of homegrown terrorism that has been showing up in England in recent years.

There is other news in the Pew poll worthy of note:

* Only 5 percent of U.S. Muslims have favorable views of Al Qaeda. Another 4 percent just wouldn't say. That's not a small number.
* Sixty percent say they are concerned about a rise in Islamic extremism in the U.S.
* Now get this one --- only 25 percent of U.S. Muslims actually believe that the attacks of 9/11 were carried out by Arab men. They're either lying or they are brainwashed.

There's good news too! About one-third of U.S. Muslims who have flown in the past year say that they had to endure some extra security screening because they are Muslims. That is at it should be. Profiling is a good defensive technique against Muslim violence.

Also ... some numbers on who these Muslims are. There are about 2.35 million Muslims in America. Of that number about 470,000 are American-born blacks and about 1.5 million are foreign born.


If you're operating any heavy machinery right now .... stop. What you're about to read and hear is so completely absurd that you're sure to double over with laughter.

Last week we had a meeting of some group called the "Organization of the Islamic Conference." During their conference the foreign ministers of the member countries decided that they needed, for some reason known only to Allah, to determine just what was the gravest terrorist threat in the world today.

OK ... are you ready? Do you really want to know what these Muslim leaders consider to be the greatest terror threat in the world today?

You asked for it.

The greatest terror threat in the world to day is ...... Islamophobia!

Yup! Now you know! Islamophobia is terrorism! And just how do you define Islamophobia? Well ... it's the "deliberate defamation of Islam and discrimination and intolerance against Muslims." Scares me! Scare you?

You say something defamatory about Islam ... like scoffing at the idea that it is a religion of peace .. and that's terrorism! You show little tolerance for people who call for your death and the death of your country, and that's terrorism! Not only is it terrorism, but it's the worst and most dangerous form of terrorism in the world!

Wait ... we aren't through with the hilarity. The ministers also informed us that "The linkage of terrorists and extremists with Islam in a generalized manner is unacceptable."

Maybe it's just me, but have any of you seen any terrorists around here lately who weren't Muslims?

Sure .. there are some rare exceptions, but generally speaking ALL terrorists are Muslims. The linkage is there. To ignore it is unacceptable, not to mention extremely dangerous.

Now ... before I move on. Let's be fair here. There are some Christians out there who support the idea of shooting doctors who perform abortions, or blowing them up with bombs. So let's not get too cocky here.

Disclaimer: The author of these notes, that being Neal Boortz, understands that comments that could be construed as negative were made about people who more likely than not are not what we would accept as being "white." As such, these comments automatically and by operation of law constitute racism and hate speech."

You have to wonder if we had a survey of other ethnic/religious groups in the USA and any one of them had 20% who did not reject suicide attacks....would not you be really really calling for some action?

At least the Mexican Illegals only want to turn the SW of the USA into Northern Mexico.....wait a minute.....that is what Muslim terrorists want (you know, the ones doing the bombing and suicide attacks)....They want us to be Muslims! If not, then they will kill us!

20% of the Muslim USA population feels this is OK???????

Just get your head around that one folks, and then ignore any future comments and complaints from Muslims when they seem to find "Islamophobia." We calls it Self-Preservation folks.

If one in five of any group feel it is OK to commit suicide killings...I am going to oppose, watch, track, and keep a weapon pointed in their direction!

How safe do you feel?


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dems - "I Got Your Ethics Right Here!"

Thumb your nose at the voters and they change the party in control. Happened in 2006. Dems have made the moves many predicted.....some even seem ashamed as they circled the wagons today around the foul mouth of John Murtha.......

So much for Dem cures for bad ethics. (LINK REMOVED BY AP!)

"Ethics, you see any ethics? I don't see no damn ethics!"

Best tool the GOP has going....the Dems actions vs their stated goals and their promises.


UPDATE......Sorry for the busted link......never could believe those AP guys....they change their stories hourly! The link led you to a story of how the know the party of honor, honesty, and ethics in politics (their campaign slogans!!!!!) voted NOT to censure John Murtha after he blatently, and publicly threatened a Rep (GOP) who tried to stop one of his many pork projects. His threat.....that the Rep in question would not "now or ever" get any items approved for his district.

Dems see nothing wrong with that statement......Blinders on......"Ethics, you see any ethics?....I don't see no damn Ethics!"

HT to "Stogie" for spotting the busted link!

Illegal Immigrants Cost YOU & I....Billions!

The Heritage Foundation has just released a report that you'll not see in the Antique Media (Main Stream Media). I'd bet on it!

Seems they have calculated the value of those Illegal Immigrant families without whom we're told we could not possibly run the country.

Guess what......That is Completely Bogus!

The report tells us each such family costs we taxpayers $19,500 per year. That is the difference between what they pay in taxes and what we "award" them in benefits! That, by the way, adds up to about $89 BILLION per year total.

The actual report by the Heritage group is long and hard to read....however they have conveniently provided an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY!

That one you can read cause you are not going to hear this from the media or read it in the newspapers.

Ever wonder why such information as this does not get coverage? Well, in case you have not yet figured it out......this completely disagrees with the Bush/Democrat statements on our need for these criminals to be here.

Still wondering why the Congress and President keep trying to shove down our throats something we, as a population, are so very, very opposed to?

Cause we don't vote the thoughts we have.....and when some in the 2006 elections, they find the Democrats are just as even worse than the GOP in terms of meaning what they promise. That's why the populer level of support for the Congress is currently SEVERAL POINTS BELOW that of the President...who has a really bad rating.

Time for a true 3rd party folks.


Monday, May 21, 2007

No Bill????? - That May Be The Thing!

The current count of Senators for the "Illegal Vote" (no other terminology seems to fit for me!) is more than 40 Senators opposed......only 20 in favor.......

That leaves 40......let me see.....if they split 50-50, then the bill fails by a simple majority of 60-40......

Right On!!!!!

If the bill gets the undecideds at 75% in favor the vote will be: (Check this!) 50-50!

Then the vote is really interesting.......

Bush, Pelosi and Company will find the river is channeled against them!

After all....60% of the Voters of America OPPOSE the bill for AMNESTY!

Amnesty it matter the varnish applied by Kennedy, McCain (does he believe a coordinated involvement of Kennedy will push his campaign forward???)

My god folks....let the Congressional folks learn that the majority SHOULD RULE!

The majority oppose AMNESTY, and they label the current bill as AMNESTY!

Nuff said!


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Immigration Bill? - Hugh Hewitt Has Studied it!

There is little to support the bill.....but if you are so inclined, here is the multi-part bill digested by Hugh!

He is right, and the consensus seems to be.....WE....those who care about the future of the USA....are being SCREWED!

Just go READ HIS items....

I am sick of this thing, and more sick of the McCain politicians who seem to think they are breaking ground here. McCain is the same idiot who was part of the Gang-of-14... and they also thought they were right, even as the majority of the US citizenry felt they were W-R-O-N-G!!!

McCain is the person whom I could avoid as a candidate...even in the face of the Hilldabeast!

He is NOT GOP!

Where is Thompson????


A-M-N-E-S-T-Y, by Any Other Name....

Mark Steyn writes on the current amnesty bill....

"But, as John McCain declared, "This is what the legislative process is all about" -- and in the sense that it's a sloppily drafted bottomless pit of unintended consequences on a potentially cosmic scale whose sweeping "reforms" will inevitably require even more sweeping reforms of the reforms in a year or two's time, he's quite right. Also, as Senator McCain says, "This is what bipartisanship is all about."

I'm not a fan of "bipartisanship" for its own sake. This is a very divided political culture in which bipartisanship is all but nonexistent on everything else, starting with war and national security. So, when the political class is in lockstep bipartisan mode, that's sufficiently unusual all by itself. When it's in bipartisan mode on an issue on which the public is diametrically opposed, that looks less like bipartisanship and more like the lockstep myopia of an out-of-touch one-party state."
(Added emphasis is mine!)

Read Steyn's entire piece "Capitulation from A to Z"

It will definitely improve your eyes-open view of this BS!

A-M-N-E-S-T-Y.......That is the word, it is the fact of the deal, and how does a Congress and President carry an opposed nation of voters down this path????


Saturday, May 19, 2007

To Make A Story - Use ONLY Your Facts!

Much has been said about Paul Wolfowitz, head of the World Bank (Useless organization)....

The storyline passed by some is that his girlfriend got a pay hike that paid her more than Condi Rice.

That was true....BUT....IGNORED the rest of the story!

Nearly 1,400 employees of the World Bank make more than Condi Rice? WOW! They must be really, really Important!


Wimpy's Back.....Hamburger Analogy!

Sometimes Michelle Malkin (shown above in a FOX News appearance) just seems to NAIL IT!

This is one of those times.

The majority of the analysis I see online about the newly-agreed Illegal "amnesty" indicate the words are being crafted to indicate we are going to do something about the illegals. However, the consensus is that in fact all that is going to happen is a repeat of doing nothing except asking millions more from Mexico and other parts of the world to join us illegally.

Tough enforcement? Not in this Bush/Dem lifetime! A border control? Joke!!! It will be just the same as in every previous Congressional action.



Rep. Murtha Nears The Edge!

John Murtha D-Pa is off on a wild toad ride as he begins to descend to the level of street threats...

Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, has details.

The man is a walking advertisement for term limits!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

POT - KETTLE - AP.....Oh, What The Hell!

The Associated (with Terrorists) Press has once again found stepping into COW-PIES to be their area of comprehension!

This is completely stupid, and gives face to the fact of B-I-A-S in the really only Media corp with global reach.....

Just go read THIS

Then give Michelle Malkin a bonus.....and give the folks of the blogosphere a bonus.... HELL, just give all of us who blog a bonus!

& Give the AP a BIG minus!

I hate the bias of the MSM (read: antique media)....


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Was Against Gun Permits Before I Was FOR THEM!

A Democrat in Cleveland, who voted to control guns and permits, is now whistling a few bars of a completely different song...AFTER he was held up by a gun-toter...

Amazing thing this R-E-A-L-I-T-Y !!!!!

Just amazing.....

No, I will not entertain comment suggestions we go out and hold up every Democratic lawmaker just to win the gun permit voting!


Monday, May 14, 2007

U.S. Deaths - Iraq vs Vietnam!!!!

This is something to read.....from Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds....

Then there is Glenn's summation statement with the real story:
"A graph of unfavorable news reports, however, would show much greater parity."


Bible - Bible - Just Whose Bible Is It?

One of the items I have long been meaning to pursue is the origin of the Bible....

NO, not the original writings of the many involved in the Christian origin, but the format/words/and selection of materials which were employed in the KJV....the King James Version, the most prevalent version of today's "Bible". But then again....perhaps the original writings have been obfuscated?

I shall not, today, begin this as time has precluded me from sufficient exploration, but I find myself drawn to the origins of the Bible, and the facts...if indeed there are any...about 2 things involved in our current "Bible."

1. Just how many "books/letters/etc." were actually considered for the final version, and

2. how many literary-liberties were taken by the KJV authors?

There is much fertile ground here, and I wish to explore. I hope I can find the time and energy to do so so I might post some items upon which light might be shed for the factualness of our Bible.

Is it true to the people who wrote the books?
Is it factual?
Is it inclusive of the items/books which were available...or perhaps, selective of the facts based upon A BIAS OF THE KJV authors???, or perhaps earlier biases of earlier version editors of the books?????

Much ground here, and blind acceptance of the Bible as the definitive word is not something I accept.

More later


The Gate is O-P-E-N!!!!

NOTE: Sorry for the long delay in posting, but still nursing The Duchess as she recovers from shoulder surgery and cannot drive/do laundry/cook, etc.

Now on with it.......

This is one YOU NEED TO READ!!! (from Mark Steyn)

Then consider the possibilities. 12-20 million illegals. Do you suppose one or two of them might be potential terrorists not yet identified by a local photo-shop clerk?

You want to take that chance? Do you have a choice? YES! Let your Congressmen and Senators know how much you want illegals controlled, and identified and dealt with... That, my friends, is the only possible way to prevent an eventual group of the idiotarian illegals (Terrorists) from striking a blow.

Such a blow will result in another round of political finger-pointing, and useless solutions. ONLY an actual program to control illegals access and residency here will end this risk.

Oh, and tell that to a Liberal friend who will, I am sure, find 97 reasons to not agree until the day that one group of terrorists....illegals almost assuredly.... will do their damage.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Color Me Libetarian-Religious!

I am one of those (we are a majority, I am sure) who feel the religious issue is WAY out of proportion!

The major religions are ALL out-of-step with their constituency.....

Connect THIS!

The Catholic heirarchy is firmly embedded in the 18th century.

The extremist Muslims are likewise dealing with beliefs of the 1400s to the 1500s....

They find no change possible for today. That is IDIOCY!

We Christians are people who forgive....we are also people who move and adapt to the times and the focus of life.

Islamists want to live in the times of their religious origins.....2,000 or more years ago.

That is NOT possible in today's world......


We need religion for each and every major religion.

Can it happen?


But there need be a firm and driving force to see that the world does not adhere to the Islamists and their ideals of what they view "should be"....

Time for reality to show us the way!

I will declare here that I am a non-practicing Presbyterian Deacon (ordained) from 30 plus years ago!


IRAQI Idiots Seek Death of Democracy!

The idiotarians of Iraqi Congress who have apparently signed on to a majority agreement to ask an ending timetable to the US presence are setting themselves up for a BIG fall. The folks who are voting with Al-Sadr from his "position-in-hiding" are going to find themselves slaves to al-Sadr, and his thugs when we are withdrawn.

We WILL be withdrawn, given the current attitudes.....we will leave....before the Iraqi people are stabilized and ready to control their own zest for freedom.

How very, very sad......There must be many. many gloating Democrats today.....

Wonder how they will react when the Islamist extremists succeed in setting off a bomb in the USA (or some similar item). I guess they will, as expected, blame Bush!

Democrats have NO problem abandoning the USA in their quest for power, and Liberal control.

They will never admit their ideas are wrong until after the USA falls!n then it will be someone else's fault!



THIS is going to H-A-L-T!

I have just spent 30 minutes getting access to my "blogspot" accounts......This is the 3rd time it has happened.....

This stupid thing does not recognize me; my password; my ID; or anything else....

I am forming my own website, and I will disconnect from this antique media very, very soon.!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

For National Security - Not Allowed....BUT, for profit???

This is the most idiotarian act yet by the idiotarian New York Times......

If the data mining is for national security it is a major, Pulitzer Prize winning, story.....

However, if the NYT does data mining for profit.....well That be O.K.!!!

Go Main Stream Media.......self-destruct in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2......

My god, but these folks are sicker than I had even imagined.....


Monday, May 07, 2007

N. Korea Continues to Shill The World....USA Included!

The North Korea architects of "Lie and Deceive" are still rowing the boat.

These idiots are emboldened by the oblivious reactions of a world gone stupid!

We agreed upon the plan to solve this N. Korean problem.....(one they created by counterfeiting our money!).... and now they have balked at following-up on their end......

We freed up their 25 million dollars.....They declined to shut down their nuclear reactor!......

The problem is THEIRS!....No bank, worth its salt, will take their money as it is "tainted"......

They blame US!

Thus they will shut down their reactor.....WHEN they find a buyer for their tainted money!

How quaint!

How STUPID of the United States!

These "Bs" need to be taught a lesson....."You avoided the last agreement....produce on this or D-I-E!" But then we have given,. and given, and given to these meglomaniacs........and we still do!

They are already killing their own people at A TRULY Terrifying rate! They LET them die in favor of feeding their massive army of "UNNEEDED" soldiers.....

Is our country ever going to learn NOT to deal with these idiots?

Given our government.....Doubtful!


Internet Perspective!

I find THIS quite interesting. NOT because they say 50% of folks do not use the internet or cell phones...BUT because 50% DO!

Not very long ago folks were "strange" if they spent time on the internet!

When I told friends I "blogged" they looked at me as if I had grown a third eye!

Now to find a major source which finds it "unusual" that 50% do not use the internet....that is just weird!


France's Election Offers Several Juicy Tidbits!

The Election yesterday of Sarkozy in France marks several notable things.....

Sarkozy is USA friendly & announced that fact just after winning!

He wishes to end the Socialist idiocy that has taken France down a dark road to dispare.... He'd end 35 hour work weeks; HUGE unemployment benefits which seem to exacerbate the problem; and a number of other items.

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters Blog has a quite nice roundup.......Read it all, and the links to learn about France and what may be ahead.

A final item.....The French election could spell some defeat for Hillary! The French "liberal female" lost handily.....Her platform (SEE if this sounds like a Hillary commercial) includes: Expanded Socialist programs; better benefits; more public housing paid for by the ever-dwindling taxpayers!

Maybe this portends some Hildabeast problems!

One can hope!


New "Secret" Codes for DVDs, etc......

This is almost a cartoon to watch.

John Dvorak Tracks it way better than I ever could....

The real key here is the fact that not 1 in 1,000 could manage to use the code if they had it.

An aside: Lawyers, to me.....and some are friends of mine.....still appear to me in my mind image as old fellows dressed in black robes, with gray wigs, and law attitudes still based entirely on the old English law.....which they revere so much and wish was still the driving force in the world.

Sometimes I feel the lawyers are as out-of-touch with reality as the old antique Main Stream Media!


But of Course, Mon Ami!

From Little Green Footballs...

I like the ring of "Friendship Fries"....I like much more the potentials for improved French-USA communication and agreement.

Are the French too late in their move back toward dropping many social programs and returning to a sane work week to achieve progress? Last night's rioting in France should prove they are close to failing.


Friday, May 04, 2007

From the "Things You'll Not Find In The MSM" Dept.

Bill Roggio brings us a report of how we are WINNING another step forward in Iraq.....and of course if you don't read it in the blogs, you'll NOT see it in the Antique Media.....

Roggio, by the way, is a reporter/military man who is IN IRAQ.....not behind a desk.

Worthwhile read of some
EYE OPENING facts not publicized.....


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

260 vs 222.....Dems Lose!

The facts are fun for the folks who read them and understand.....

Others try to S-P-I-N the results.....

Veto overturn vote......222 for the overturn......

It Takes 260 votes to overturn! You folks are short 38 votes!!!! & that is just to tie the vote....


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

& The Dems Diddle!!!!!!

Good read from Michelle Malkin who lets us know the Dems are ONLY seeking publicity....they know the bill is D-E-A-D....but they pass it.....and the latest word is they will stage a vote on trying to overturn the VETO.....they know they will lose, but they don't care.

The troops wait.....their money is running out....they will be NOT getting upgrades, parts, etc. if the Dems do not act soon......

Guess the Dems will play this to the hilt, and then cave!


Fred Thompson....On The Mind, But Not Yet In The Race!

Fred Thompson.....the closest thing I see to a Reagan Republican, is not yet running,, but certainly "exploring" the realm with his efforts to determine if he will, in fact, R-U-N.....

Some current signs:

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters explores the NYT story on Thompson.....

Meanwhile, one sure sign of serious Thompson "FEAR" by potential opponents (GOP/DEM??? Who Knows) is a current DIRT SEARCH underway!

I could easily be a Thompson fan.....But still find Giuliani to me my this point. I feel Thompson could bring together the Right & did Reagan. & Boy-O-Boy would ANY form of a Reagan candidacy send the far left into fits of yowling and screaming???? He He!


Don't Drill No Oil Wells Near My State!!!

I have been amazed for years about the anti-drilling cadre in Florida. From Senators to Governors to Local Pols... They are opposed to seeking the very oil locally that we need to be less dependent on the Middle East.

Now, once again, the Bush Administration has floated an idea of drilling of Alaska, Virginia and Florida to produce our own gas/oil. It seems the Virginia folks are in agreement with the plan....Alaska should be after we funded their infamous bridge-to-nowhere.

Senator Nelson, the parrot of the antis, has already announced opposition....squawk, squawk!

Neal Boortz today covered the arguments quite well on his Nealz Nooz website....


It's looking like we're going to get a new push from the Bush Administration to increase our domestic production of oil. How? By expanding oil exploration within our own borders and in our offshore waters. Proposals are being floated (let's drive these into the parking lot and see if they dent any fenders) to allow drilling for gas and oil off the Alaskan, Virginian and Florida coasts. There are projections that successful exploitation of these oil-rich areas could allow us to not purchase one drop of oil from the Middle East for 10 years.

Oops! Wait just a minute here! Did I say FLORIDA? Why yes, I believe I did. I also said Virginia. But the politicians in Virginia are showing common sense on this issue. Can we expect the same from Florida? Probably not.

If you listen to Florida's Washington delegation you will soon see that Florida is simply not ready to step up and become a part of the solution. No doubt Florida's U.S. Senators Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez will rant at high volume against the proposals.

Florida politicians will squawk about tourists seeing drilling rigs off the coast. Let's do some calculations to see if that is possible. There are any number of sites on the Internet where you can calculate the distance to the horizon. This information is valuable for boaters who might want to calculate the distance to some object at sea and to talk show hosts who have a point to make.

OK .. here's the science. The distance to the horizon in statute miles is the square root of "X." OK, that doesn't help much ... unless you know what "X" is. Well, "X" is the the height of your eyes above the sea, as measured in inches, divided by 0.5736. Got it? Well .. if that's a challenge, you can just click here for your distance to the horizon calculator. My eyes are about six feet from the soles of my feet. Enter that 6 feet and if I'm standing at the water's edge the horizon would be 3.3 miles away. That means that even with binoculars I couldn't see someone floating in the water 3.4 miles off shore.

OK .. so an oil rig is somewhat taller than someone floating in the water. Plus, if I'm a tourist in Florida I might be on the 20th floor balcony of my fancy hotel room in Sarasota. Now I couldn't find a horizon calculator that would allow me to input numbers for the height of an oil rig as well as my 20th floor balcony. No problem. Simple geometry dictates that you only have to combine the two and input that number for the person on the beach. So, let's go with 250 feet for my hotel balcony and another 250 feet for the height of the drilling rig. For those of you who attended government schools, that would be 500 feet. Just how far would that drilling rig have to be off shore for me not to see it. Answer ... 30 miles. Are there any proposals to put any drilling rigs within 30 miles of the Florida coastline? Nope. None. No serious ones anyway. The closest I have seen for any proposal is about 45 miles. So ... let's build a big hotel and see just what floor I would have to be on to catch a glimpse of that rig 45 miles out in the Gulf. Let's allow 12 feet per story. Fair enough? Let's round up some illegal aliens and a foreman who hables espanol and start pouring concrete. When do we send the illegals home? When we've poured about 92 floors. Does anyone know of a hotel that tall on the Florida Gulf Coast?

Golly! It looks like this concern about Florida tourists seeing all of those ugly drilling rigs and heading back to Connecticut are a little bit overstated, wouldn't you say?

And what about oil spills? Well, fact is that most of the rigs off the Florida Gulf Coast would be recovering natural gas, not oil A natural gas spill is not going to wash up on the beach. As for oil spills, modern drilling and recovery techniques make such spills highly unlikely. There is a greater danger of oil from the wreck of an oil tanker on the way to New Orleans or Houston than there is from a rig dozens of miles off the coast.

So what's the problem here? Ignorance, that's what. Many Floridians have come to accept as the truth the arguments about tourists seeing rigs while they're relaxing on the beach or the danger of spills, and it's easier for people like Florida's two Senators, Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez, to cater to the ignorance of the voters than it is to actually show some leadership in this matter."

Yes, I am often amazed how some arguments are just spite of facts. "My mind is made up....don't confuse me with facts."

Lets stop the dependency on foreign oil in a safe, and workable way.....Stop the Insanity!