Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Socks, Scissors, Paper" - FOX Exposes Sandy "Pants" Berger

About time.......As I mentioned in a brief a few stories below, Sandy Berger got a GIANT pass for what looks a lot like treason.....Scotter Libby is going to jail for a misstatement.

FOXNews is going to air the real story. The only MSM with the you-know-whats to do the job. I'll be watching. FOX gives a teaser IN THIS STORY.

Give it a read.

Maybe some government bias will at last be exposed and some government heads may roll as a result.

Probably not, but a feel good for those who feel the one-way street about crimes by Democrats vs Republicans.


Friday, March 30, 2007

Let Me Shoot Myself In The Foot, Please!!!!

Thus claim the Democrats......

N-E-V-E-R have the "appointed" people of the President been so very, very well protected by anyone....Now the Democrats wish to do so....vis-a-vis the current rhubarb over the fired 8 US Attorneys.

This action, by the Dems to frame Bush as a villain in the firing of HIS appointees, will come back and bite them IN THE ASS!!!!!

Short-term victories still seem the mantra of the Democrats who do not envision the results....WHEN, and if they return to the White House, expect the same to be applied to their works....

Of course, the difference is...the Media will give them a pass....."It just ain't the same" when Dems do it....After all, they are Liberal!

Assholes! (& the reason the OLD are dying by the week, year, etc.


A Tear Shed...Renewal for Anne Frank's Tree Will Occur!

Little drives me to tears today.....but this does.

Many of us remember, with emotion, the story of Anne Frank....her diary brought the Holocaust to millions.

Those who know the story know she was living in a limited world of little other than a view of a tree. That tree, while still in existence, is dying.

How very, very sad......BUT

As hope springs does the tree..

"And a sapling from grafts of Anne’s tree is now growing in a nursery. As soon as her tree is cut down, this sapling, with the same DNA, will be planted in its place."

The tree is dying, and will not be saved.....but it will be replaced by a tree from the very growth Anne saw......How very, very nice!


Crime, I Don't See No (Democratic) Crime!!!

Sometimes justice is blind......Sometimes the Justice Department is selectively blind!

Let me see.....Sandy "Pants" Berger gets a free ride on a case of TREASON!

That seems to be the case, and the Justice Department aided and abetted....


Berger gets a minor inconvenience for stealing federal documents....but Scooter Libby will get jail time for not remembering????

Ain't no bias there.....

Oh, and as I said earlier today....whatever happened to the $90,000 in "frozen" assets, and any trial against this idiot?

We could get a lot more convictions if the criminals were just Republicans. It is just SO HARD to charge and/or convict a Democrat.


Iran sez "We Have Missiles".....Isreal Responds

Escalation is a thing.....

Iran's miniature President Ah-Mad-In-A-Jad, complete with stacked heels to make him look five feet tall...even if he isn't....announces rockets to reach Isreal.....


Isreal Responds in Kind!!!

Iran is going to push too far at some point. For even if Blair and the Brits whimp out, and Bush is hog tied by the "Surrender-at-all-costs" Democrats, Isreal will not sit there and watch.

At least someone has some......well, you get the point!


An Honest Democrat!

Perhaps it's the snow and ice, or the fact he lives in such a "remote state"....

A Minnesota Democrat has finally admitted the truth on Dem vs GOP in terms of taxes. Capt. Ed at Captain's Quarters Blog has The TRUTH!

Not that we didn't know it's just that they so rarely admit the facts.


NOTE: Please say a prayer for Capt. Ed's First Mate who is undergoing a kidney transplant this morning. She has had her share of pain and problems...but with a man like The Captain at her side we know she has the best support possible!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bulletin-Bulletin! - My God A News Lead!!!!!

Michael Jackson has apparently been hospitalized with pneumonia.....

This calls for at least a level-10 news riot.....

We'll have interviews of the village idiots who live around the hospital; some non-comments from former friends/pals/buddies; and, at least one item about "What if he dies???" Just GO READ & LAUGH Hysterically!

The fact of the matter is, this media of today is so far-removed from actual news and reporting that they must offer the idiocy of entertainer-news as some form of covering current events.

Meanwhile....the country slips further and further into the morass of abandonment of the Iraq war...further and further into the abandonment of our principles just for the sake of a political moment....

We are in a sad state of affairs, my friends....a VERY sad state!


YOU Thought the Democrats Would Stop The Spending?

Har, Har, Har!

The Democrats, while porking the hell out of the "stop the war" legislation (22 BILLION worth!) are on the verge of passing a HUGE tax hike!

Oh, you have not heard about it? No one has...the obedient little liberal press want it to be a surprise to you when you get to pay your taxes for the next umpty years!!!

Just read it, and then KNOW WHY DEMOCRATS MAKE BAD LEADERS....

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the market the Democrats will have it nose-diving in no time! Jusr watch.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The "I Am John Doe" Manifesto!

In response to the 6 imams who not only caused near-panic, but also now are attempting to threaten passengers who as "John Does" upset their plans and got them thrown off the flight from Minneapolis......

Michelle Malkin writes the JOHN DOE MANIFESTO!

Consider me John Doe as well......Won't YOU join with Michelle?


Why Didn't I Think of This?

I am not a major fan of John, wait...let me rephrase that....I'd NEVER vote for Hillary, but would before I'd vote for John McCain (read: McCain-Feingold).

However, he sometimes has a great though or two.....

On Bush vetoing the "Stop the war!" Democratic act Mc Cain said, ”I strongly recommend to the White House that the president read the list of pork to the American people when he vetoes this bill.”



Another Reason to Fear Flying?

Close call (by air standards) for a flight over the Pacific.....One highly unusual.

While the odds are seriously high against an accident like this, the view from a plane of burning debris falling in front of and behind the aircraft must have been really unnerving!


Surgery Delayed!

Awoke this morning with my current round of "Crud" having spread to The Duchess....

On-the-way to the surgi-center (50 minute drive) we got half way when we finally reached surgeon & told him of her cough/sore throat.....surgeon and anesthesiologist agreed "No surgery til better"...

Duchess was distraught as she was not only psyched to go, but is in near-constant pain which only seems better when she is in one of her water classes (she does aerobics and volleyball in the water).

Meanwhile I am bound for docs office this afternoon as my version of the crud has crept into head and now my eye which is quite red and oozing some bad stuff. Just love both my having this and having caused delay in Duchess' surgery.


p.s. Thanks for the expressions of concern and thoughts for Duchess via comments and email.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Iran A No-Show in News; But US Attys Play in MSM

The Main Stream Media (MSM) has its panties in a total wad about the firing of eight US Attorneys. But they seem absent in the case of a war-opening kidnapping by Iran...

The cartoon from David Nowak is priceless:

Guess we have a completely unbiased media who could never be agenda-driven.....RIGHT!!!


Woo Hoo!!! - 50% of Adults WOULD NOT Vote for Hillary!

Not a surprise, but certainly great news.

At "The Hill" the story of Hillary's Lack of Creds!

The numbers are astounding.....we are not talking a poll here of folks who would vote for someone. We are talking a poll of those who WOULD NOT vote for someone....

I love it as I believe she is the worst possible candidate for President we could have!


The Grey Lady's Huge Black Eye!

Costs of publication.....the latest reason to be added by our Main Stream Media (read: Antique Media) for not correcting or even attempting to stop a story from being published that they KNOW is false!

You have to read it at FOXNews.

The summation is John Gibson....

"But when The Times knowingly publishes phony information because it costs too much to reprint and thinks a correction a week later will fix things, that suggests something different than just editorial point of view. It suggests a willingness to lie for money. If you'll lie for money, doesn't it follow you would find it much easier to lie for the much higher calling of ideology?

The Times has some explaining to do."


Duchess Under The Knife....Blogging May Be Lite!

Tomorrow morning my Duchess goes under the knife at FOI (Florida Orthopedic Institute for the uninitiated) for repairs to substantial damage to her right shoulder.

My blogging, as a result, may be light.

She fell in our motorhome enroute to Fort Lauderdale in February. I had to brake suddenly, and she was on the way up front to see me. She landed on the console on her shoulder. MRI indicates two torn ligaments, a torn rotator cuff, and a torn muscle. The good doc will try arthroscopic surgery 1st (thru a small scope inserted thru a small hole!) That is the easiest and most (medical term here) minimally invasive method. If that fails, he'll have to opt for a 4 inch incision on the front of the shoulder.

Recovery will include 2-4 weeks of complete restraint of the arm in a sling and wrap. Only at rehab will they move her arm for her!

Thus, Duke becomes chief cook and bottle washer, bath-giver, house maintainer, et al. I don't mind as I'd do anything for this woman!

Wish her the best folks....and offer a prayer or two if you are so inclined.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Libertarians Gaining Momentum?

I have oft-said I am somewhere between Libertarian and Conservative....if there is such a place. I guess my basic ideas are more Libertarian, however the reality is that to this point they have little impact.

Perhaps that is changing IF YOU BUY THIS!

I like the concept.....but then I have also espoused a 3rd party as I discounted the possibility of Libertarians getting their act together.

Little Duke is an avowed Libertarian....and fighting in his area (not Tampa) to bring them forward.


Who Gets The Tax Money?????

You ever wonder who gets back the tax dollars you pay?

Finally a study is out to tell you....oh, and to refute the old Liberal saw about the rich getting all the breaks.

The score: Lowest 1/5th of tax payers get back a mind-boggling $8 plus for each tax dollar spent! We "middies" get back $1.30; and the top earners are the LOSERS! They get back $.41 for each dollar invested.

Just go read about THE STUDY and stop listening to Liberal Democrats who want to "raid" profits. They already ARE!


Kiss Your Money Good Bye!

They are being quiet about it, but the Democrats have a plan to raid your hell, they plan to plunder your income!

Under cover of the attempts to insure defeat in Iraq, and the mountain-out-of-a-molehill movement on USAs...the Dems have a plan you are NOT going to like....Of course, you will not see them announce it in total....You'll get a slice at a time. Each slice will do something to you....GO !READ! UNDERSTAND!. If allowed to happen, you will find less Social Security available as in the face of already gathering problems, the DEMs plan to gut SS even further!

The new powerful Democratic Party.....bent on taxing your ass and halting a growing economy.

Just watch and then remember when 2008 elections come about.


"The Last Mimzy"!

This was a weekend for viewing for Duchess and I. I spent the weekend with a horrible cough which left my gut in major soreness.

We saw the first of the "Planet Earth" series from BBC (see story below), and we also had time to get to the movies...something we do not often do. We saw "The Last Mimzy", and it is truly a wonderful movie. The filming and effects are outstanding. The plot, while a bit weak, is enough to give some creds to the thing.

I advise it for adults and most kids. Some small ones will find it a bit overpowering.


"Planet Earth" is Marvelous!

Last evening I watched three first three installments of the Discovery Channel (HD)'s new series. What a wonderful idea.....What a magnificent dedication.

If you have not yet seen the 1st set of programs; DO SO! They will be repeated several times this week prior to the next sessions which will air next Sunday night at 8:00pm. You can also read about the BBC series HERE!

The filming, all in HD, is truly awe-inspiring. Chases across the plains and swamps of Africa; underwater studies of animals and plants; Arctic animals; and, much, much more.

The segments are actually about 40-45 minutes with only one commercial break. Then the balance of the hour is spent on how-it-was-done, and previews for future episodes.

If you have not seen I said so. You'll not be sorry.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Treat Global Warming By A Retreat to Surfdom?

Sound a bit alarmist to you? No more so than the trashy way Al Gore is seeking to influence the opinion of everyone, even as he avoids any form of debate on the issue. His "the proof is produced" attitude is aimed at one thing only...cutting off any form of discussion or questioning of his entirely questionable stand.

At Real Clear Politics the story is told quite well by Robert Tracinski.

Pretty impressive; pre-debate figures show global warming a danger by 57%....after the actual facts as they now stand were aired in the debate, that dropped to 42%!

One does not win any form of "proof" by avoiding discussion/debate, whatever you wish to term it. They win majority opinion by openly airing ALL sides of the issue, and the FACTS to support them....not conjecture.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Oink-Oink & Pro-Defeat in One Masterful Stroke!

The Democrats, fresh off an election that they won at least partially on the pronounced intent to cut off the GOP Porkfest, have just launched a 20 BILLION Dollar bill....Of course, it also contains the part about withdrawing of troops.....BUT of course, the 20 Billion is what greased the wheels so the balking liberals would join the more moderate ones for passage....

Well, you get the point, but the full story is with Austin Bay.

Ya gotta love it......I believe firmly the way to stop Pork and lying in Washington is to elect NO ONE!


UPDATE: Shame on Pelosi! screams the editorial opinion of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Worm Has Turned - Dems now Open to Things They Opposed by GOP!

What the Demos found completely abhorent when they were the minority and the GOP was the majority is (SURPRISE!!!!!) possible under a Demo-controlled Congress!

Just read it HERE & CRY A RIVER!.... at least if you are a hopeful Demo!

If a GOP then giggles and such are allowed!


Where Are Those Newspapers????

Time to step forward and call them like you see them.....


Just read: ..."our newspapers suffer from their transparently disingenuous pose of impartiality. Who wants to read a rag that pretends Adam Nagourney is an unbiased observer? What makes this pretense especially baffling is that naked partisanship makes for an easier sell and a stronger product. Who rules the cable airwaves? Fox. What kind of papers have bucked the trend? The New York Post. And even on the left, Keith Olberman draws stronger ratings than the creaking leftwing fossils that populate CNN. (Do fossils creak? Eh – leave me alone. It’s too early in the morning to craft coherent metaphors.)"

Thanks to Dean Barnett for the above.....

How true, how true.....They sink further and further into the mire, and yet refuse to recognize they are sinking....and if they are sinking it cannot be because of their biased views....

I hope I am never so blind as to feel as does the "MSM" (Main Stream Antique Media).


DEMS: We Do Not Want To Communicate! We Wanna Subpoena!

How very, very nice......A Democratic idiocy exposed for all to see.....

The Dems are seeking testimony, with sworn-in folks.....They do not need this, they just want it....cause they hope to get access to folks, under oath.....then they can call them back again, and again! They can try to keep this non-issue alive til 2008......

Bush offered folks to testify....without sworn testimony. They refused. They want "fresh meat" they can call up again and again....just to keep the "non-issue" before the Liberal-friendly media!

Now, given the Dems' view that they want all, always, forever......The PRES has finally said..... "Enough!" He will not bow to the Dem idiocy. The Dems do not vcare, as it allows them to keep the issue out front and to let the Liberal Media help them attack Bush!

The fact is, this is another "Plame" item.......NO FACTS...NO Problem....but it is Soooooooo nice to have a friendly media!

Go Dems.....when will the public wake again to the terrible idiocy of the Dems????

Soon I hope!



You gotta love it.....

I know I do:

With the House poised to vote as early as today on a $124.1 billion budget bill that would end U.S. involvement in Iraq next year, you'd think House leaders would let such a critical decision ride strictly on its merits.

But Democrats are having trouble rounding up votes for the measure. So the leaders are trying to buy votes the old-fashioned way — by luring wavering members with billions of dollars for parochial projects.

These range from providing "risk mitigation" at Mississippi's Stennis Space Center to storage fees for peanut farmers in Georgia.

It's hard to say which is worse: leaders offering peanuts for a vote of this magnitude, or members allowing their votes to be bought for peanuts. These provisions demean a bill that, if enacted, would affect the lives of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, the balance of power in the Middle East and America's long-term security.

The provisions also violate the spirit, if not the letter, of the new majority's promise to cut back on "earmarks" — provisions slipped into bills that direct your tax dollars to a specific locale or politically favored project.

Last January, as soon as Democrats took control of Congress, the House passed new rules designed to curb earmarks, which had exploded under years of Republican rule. Yet here they go again, just 10 weeks later, including an assortment of dubious expenditures in "emergency" legislation to finance the war in Iraq and the wider war on terror. . . .

A spinach emergency? A peanut storage emergency?


Such arguments ignore what voters, fed up with corruption and ethical lapses, wanted when they threw Republicans out in November and helped Democrats take control of Congress.

Sorry folks.....OUR Congress is still stuck in SILLY Mode!
It is ALL they know!


If Your Product Kills/Injures People; We Must Reimburse You!

That seems to be the theme of the Congressional "Porkers" who are loading bills with NEW, FRESH PORK!

Check it out:

An Iraq spending bill Congress will vote on Thursday has an Eagle Mountain mother angry, but not about war spending. The huge, 124.1 billion dollar appropriation bill also contains billions of dollars in spending that has nothing to do with the war. . . .

"I understand this is the way our legislature works, but I think it's just sickening," Michelle Matthews of Eagle Mountain told ABC 4 News. She's upset because one of the earmarks reimburses California spinach farmers $25 million for losses they suffered. The losses came when they were unable to sell their crops last fall after Americans got sick and died from e-coli bacteria in a batch of tainted spinach.

Some of that spinach found its way to the Matthew's dinner table. Michelle got sick, but her daughter, Arabella, almost died. Arabella was just two-years-old when she came down with e-coli. She spent nine days at Primary Children's Hospital, had an operation and was on kidney dialysis.

The Matthews have about $60,000 in medical bills now, mostly covered by insurance. She says the family has been assured the spinach grower's insurance company would pay the bills, but no money has arrived. Then Mrs. Matthews read that the spinach farmers stand to gain $25 million from the Iraq war spending bill.

"To reimburse them for making people ill is just inappropriate," Mrs. Matthews said. "It's insane that my tax dollars and the tax dollars of my family are going to pay these spinach farmers for their bad spinach for things that were their fault in the first place."


This is just too impossible to contemplate!

Let us fund folks who lost money cause they made people ILL?????

Read the entire thing HERE!!!

My God, thanks Democrats, for coming to the aid of the "common man".....

Democrats are spend and spend folks who only know one answer.....IF you spend ENOUGH, it will ALL GET BETTER!

I think I will now be sick!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Polls Lie - People Die (Of Boredom!)

Have you seen any good blog listings lately that DO NOT include a poll of some kind? It seems we are polled on everything and then the results are announced with much fanfare.

This one is just way too good.....two polls on basically the same thing; What Iraqi people are thinking/feeling about their country. The only problem is...The polls got opposite results!


If this does not generate a lot of skepticism about polls, I am not sure what would.

On snide comment I have to add....ABC is, of course, part of the supposed liberal media. The Times more middle-of-the-road. Could that have impacted their poll?



New Democratic Surge is Dead!

Last Fall we heard from the Democrats about how terribly the GOP was abusing the budget system and that the GOP "Pork" was responsible for their low ratings.....

Democrats are now in and guess what?

1st The latest Gallop ratings show Congress is once again tanking!

Wonder if it has anything to do with the new Congress' record on Pork now that the Democrats are in charge?
HT: Instapundit

Washington the lie capitol of the world!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Accidental Death Behind TWO Locked Doors???

Whoa! How can someone be called an accidental death by electrocution when they are behind TWO locked doors?

I am missing something here folks, or we have compound DUMB going on....

The quote from the release about the death of 19 year old Wade Steffey:

"She also said that the ground-level utility room is not accessible from Owen Hall and is locked with two sets of keys, one each for two sets of doors.

Norberg said that when the building was searched for clues into Steffey's disappearance the utility room was apparently not examined because it was locked."

IF it was did said college student get in there....and HOW was it still locked?

Something smell bad here kemo sabe, and it ain't the body!

Let's hope we hear more soon!



Just read it and then THINK!!!!



Plame - Blame - Shame! The Truth is Revised DAILY!

Valerie Plame appeared before Congress this week and her story was BRAND NEW!

Yes, what she had said in actual testimony earlier was not what she said this time...However, the Main Stream Media (Antique Media) seemed to miss the fact.

Some DID NOT!!!

Read this transparent liar in action. How sad we have no independent media who will check facts, previous testimony, etc.

Thus lies are not accounted for....unless they happen to be GOP!


My Hummer is Environmentally Better Than Your Prius!

IT IS TRUE......

Just GO & READ!!!

I have, for quite some time, felt that the trade-offs were probably only of the "feel-good" nature rather than factual saving of the world!

As usual the PC crowd crows, scratches dirt and then plops out another failure!

Guess this makes me feel better about my RV!


Marijuana Safer Than: Alcohol & Tobacco

Yeppers folks, that is the story from the British.

Check it through a Neal Boortz piece this morning!


There's a report by a panel of experts out in Great Britain HERE!!! which says that alcohol and tobacco cause more harm than marijuana ... and that any attempt by the government at total prohibition is "bound to fail." This report will be part of a complete review of British drug laws in 2008. It's interesting to note that the report says that U.S. drug laws are more unscientific and irrational than Britain's. No surprise there. Remember, in some states you can't even own a sex toy. Think about it ... we are arresting about 800,000 Americans every year for use or possession of a drug that is safer than alcohol or tobacco.

No .. I don't smoke marijuana; and I wouldn't smoke it if it were legal. I'm just not fond of absurd laws."

Now, give a thought or two:

1. You will NOT see/hear this on mainstream news....with a possible exception of a mention on FOX.

2. Do you think the anti-drug idiots of government/religion are going to stand for this kind of information? NOPE!

3. Do you think this might give more credence to the long-proposed (Libertarian) view that if we LEGALIZE drugs, the crime rate and dependency will GO DOWN? NOT A CHANCE!

We live in a society built upon hypocrisy! Since alcohol & tobacco provide lots of jobs, they cannot possibly be B-A-D enough to warrant inclusion in the prohibited sector. Since marijuana is a small industry, it does not provide enough jobs to matter.

Think I am kidding? THINK ABOUT IT Folks!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Explain this!


I hope you can.... the idea is really good!


Walking in My Neighborhood.

I just posted some pictures over at my picture blog of a trail/canal area within walking distance of my home.

This is a view of the canal, full of vegetation and some birds...including the spread-winged cormorant, known here in Florida as a "water turkey".

Check the pictures at Tampa Town Review.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Plame Was Outed By......Drum Roll, Please!!! HER HUBBY!!!!

True, and true by actual testimony of he and others.

The whole story unfolds in THIS POST!
HT: Instapundit

A Must read to end the vile talk of Plame's "outing", who appeared as a bumbling idiot, not a CIA operative in her Congressional testimony.

Time to put this old horse down and can someone help the Democrats get back on fresh material. Spouting stuff that has been repeatedly disproved does not led credence to anyone....least of all a political party.


Nifong's Turn to Twist In The Wind!

SA Nifong has seemingly violated so many laws and principles that he is dead-to-rights caught. Still he seems bent on answering the charges with a "not me, but if I did I can, and who knows what the word means" type of defense.

How nice to see this slime hanging there twisting..... Read it from Durham In Wonderland.

I still find the man so foul as to stink up any room in which he is located. Three young men are still out there, and will NEVER find complete absolution, even if the charges are dropped and Durham, Durham PD, and Nifong and his investigator are sued and pay HUGE amounts to these guys.

It is worth noting also that the alledged victim and her companion dancer are both playing games about testimony....or at least full testimony to the new Special Prosecutor.


UPDATE: FOX News has the story of another chink in Nifong's armor as the Duke Lacrosse coach releases his book in June!

"Setting a Time Table Not Good" - Democrats(?)

Senator Mitch McConnell addresses the vote this past week to try to impose dates and numbers for a scheduled withdrawal from Iraq.....a measure the GOP managed to defeat.

Senator McConnell: “It is unprecedented in the powers it would arrogate to the Congress in a time of war; it is a clear statement of retreat from the support that the Senate only recently gave to General David Petraeus; and its passage would be absolutely fatal to our mission in Iraq. “Previous resolutions proposed by the Democrats were a mere statement of opinion, or sentiment. This one has a binding quality. It would interfere with the President and General Petraeus’ operational authority to conduct the war in Iraq as he and his commanders see fit. It would substitute for their judgment the judgment of 535 members of Congress.

“And the judgment they’ve made is this: That Iraq is a distraction in the Global War on terror, and that U.S. troops should begin to withdraw in four months, with all combat forces leaving within a year. That’s the judgment that the Reid proposal makes.

“This is the memo our enemies have been waiting for.

“Osama Bin Laden and his followers have repeatedly said that the U.S. does not have the stomach for a long fight with the terrorists. Passage of the Reid Joint Resolution will be the first concrete sign since Sept. 11, 2001, that he was right on target.

“Timetables are bad. But don’t just take my word for it.

“Speaking at the National Press Club in 2005, my good friend the Majority Leader himself said this: ‘As for setting a timeline, as we learned in the Balkans, that’s not a wise decision, because it only empowers those who don’t want us there, and it doesn’t work well to do that.’

“Six months after that, the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Biden, said this: ‘A deadline for pulling out … will only encourage our enemies to wait us out’ … it would be ‘a Lebanon in 1985. And God knows where it goes from there.’ That was our friend, Joe Biden, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“And three months later, Senator Clinton made the same point when she said, ‘I don’t believe it’s smart to set a date for withdrawal,’ said Senator Clinton. ‘I don’t think you should ever telegraph your intentions to the enemy so they can await you.’ “That’s the Majority Leader, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and a prominent Democrat presidential candidate.

“Surely Senators Reid, Biden, and Clinton have not changed their minds about who would benefit the most if we set a date certain for withdrawal. They know just as well as I do that this is what the terrorists have been waiting for — and just what our allies in Iraq, and the entire region of the world have feared.

“Setting a date certain for withdrawal will send a chill up the spine of every Iraqi who has dared to stand with America. Millions of good men and women have helped us in this fight. Since we arrived in Iraq, nearly 120,000 Iraqis have volunteered to serve in their army. More than 8,000 Iraqis have died in uniform to defend the fledgling Democracy over there. And recently, in Anbar province, we’re told that roughly 1,000 Sunnis volunteered for the police force over a period of a couple weeks.

“These brave men and women, Mr. President, are watching what we do here: They know, as we do, that chaos will engulf Iraq and the rest of the region on that day. They know they and their families will likely face a firing squad soon after we leave. And the message we send them with this resolution is this: good luck.

“General Petraeus understands the importance of the mission in Iraq, and his new Mission to Secure Baghdad. In a recent letter to the soldiers under his command, he wrote:

The enemies of Iraq will shrink at no act, however barbaric. They will do all they can to shake the confidence of the people and to convince the world that this effort is doomed. We must not underestimate them. Together with our Iraqi partners, we must defeat those who oppose the new Iraq. We cannot allow mass murders to hold the initiative. We must strike them relentlessly. We and our Iraqi partners must set the terms of the struggle, not our enemies. And together, we must prevail.

“These are the words of the man this body recently sent to Iraq. They are the words of a military commander: confident yet realistic, and committed above all to victory. This is the voice of courage and resolve in the face of danger. We do best to listen to voices like this, which speak of victory rather than defeat and withdrawal. We owe it to him, his soldiers, our allies, and the world."

That pretty well sums it up. Democrats seem bent on only one thing......being opposed to whatever President Bush is doing. If he does not want troop levels increased, they do....when he agrees they decide it is not a good thing to increase the levels. They want a timetable, despite saying one was not good at all.

If the Democrats actually came up with a NOT related to cut & run.....they might actually win a vote. The best thing about the Democrats at this point is that they will be completely rudderless effective January 2009. That is when Bush leaves and then, whether they are in the White House or not, they will have to find a new game of either producing actual plans or a new game to replace BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). To this point they remain bereft of any form of plan that is POSITIVE. PERIOD!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pigs-to-Puppies for Islam's Sake!

The truth is, England is on a one-way ticket ride to oblivion.....following only by a few years the downfall of most of Europe.

They will cave to ANY Islamic fear....real or the expense of their own population.

This is toooooo much. Just read about it at FOX.

So to avoid possibly offending 1-10 Muslims England must change a fairy tale told for decades and decades?????

Idiocy, and capitulation to the dhimmitude required of all good non-Muslims.


Will someone wake up in Europe please? The timer on your alarm clock is not set!


Duchess Has A Bad Week!

Today we scheduled surgery for The Duchess. Enroute to our recent cruise, using our motorhome to transport all ten of us, she fell into the console as I had to brake hard for a driver in front of me.

She has torn rotator cuff, two tendons torn lose, a third out-of-place, and a muscle tear. Surgery in late March; 4-6 weeks in a, and then a full six months to complete recovery.

This news came one week and two days after she learned she was diabetic.

Bothers me more that she faces these, then if it was my turn!


Global Warming is HOGWASH...But, A Nice Cottage Industry!

Yes, the story is not going to be aired here in the USA by the Antique Media (Print & TV), but it originated in England by no less than BBC 4.

The thing is a full 1 hour 15 minutes documentary, but just the 1st 5 minutes of it will help all focus on the fact that Global Warming now is responsible for the incomes of about 10,000 people!!!! Thus, if it is not fact, the 10,000 jobs will go away. Sooo this indicates that the GW theme will be perpetuated, despite facts.

The BBC 4 film is HERE!!!

Not got the time for an hour? OK! Just watch 5 minutes of it, and see how it changes your view!

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I have been in the camp of those who felt this thing was a flim-flam from the start.....I remain firmly there, and argue the facts with any and all who spout the drivel of media-created hysteria!


NCAA Underway.....

"The Dance" is underway today, beginning at 12:40pm. I am sure I lose a lot of female readers about the end of the headline above.

I belong to a small group of six who have worked for....or still work for....a Tampa hospital. We have begun a tradition not unlike one followed in numbers of places all across our country. We bet on who can best judge the games of this year's dance....

Each of us submits their choices and then one of us (me this year) tabulates each round and keeps the rest posted on standings among the group.

Our system is pretty simplistic. Round 1 is one point for each correct prediction. Round 2 is two points, etc.

Our bet? By tradition, again, we bet a can of Diet Fresca cause that is what is in the small fridge in the Sr. VP's office.....he is one of the prime instigators in this ritual.

Last year I led from round two til the final.....then lost out.

This year I WIN! Is not optimism wonderful? Oh, by the way, the picture above is obviously my favorite team.....they, however, did not make it far in my predictions.

Let the games begin!!!!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Confession....BUT is it REAL????

There comes the confession of THIS IDIOT!

But, is it real????


Clintons Fired ALL 93 Federal Attorneys!

In a bizarre case of "Whose Ox is Being Gored", Hillary Clinton is speaking out against the Bush White House for involvement.....

Another Bill Clinton action is forgotten by Hillary..... Opinion Journal TELLS it like it is!


Mexican Presidential Rant - Pot Calls Kettle Black!

How can this insanity be going on, and President Bush take it all in with a straight face? FOX has details.

Let me get this all clear.......

Mexico exports its drugs to U.S.; cannot control the drug cartels and so accuses U.S. of being wrong for its high drug use!

If we are not supposed to build a fence, how are we to stop the out-of-control Mexican cartels from importing said drugs?

Mexico does not allow immigrants, except in rare cases.
Mexico does not allow non-citizens to vote, collect any support, or own things Mexican.
Mexico seeks U.S. help to develop its job own market. (but, makes no pretense about stopping the flow of Mexicans and drugs into the U.S.)

Is there anyone out there who could possibly let GWB know that the VAST MAJORITY of U.S. citizens want the illegals OUT....that we DO NOT want them at the well of health/social security or other benefits.

It is way past time for formation of a party which both insists upon more fiscal responsibility and a drastic halt and reversal to the illegal immigrant flood.

I'll be 1st to sign up!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

IRAN Debt Overload??? They Might Be Near Failing!

Nice to hope for, but the rumors seem more truth than speculation.....

Check it HERE!!!!!

One can only HOPE!


If You Think Muslims Are NOT Pushing!

Those who still feel, post "the 6 imams in an airplane", and post "Muslim taxi drivers refusing customers", that the Muslims are not pushing for more ground to make their religion into something accepted by all HERE IN THE USA.....then you need to read this post on Little Green Footballs.

If this is not faced with the same correctness as we give anyone else (if you can't do the job, don't apply) you are all going to be very, very sorry and that sooner than later! I am sickened by the pandering to this minority demanding our laws/lives be based upon THEIR convictions!


What If You Held a Presidential Candidate Announcement & The Candidate Didn't Announce???

Happened.....Dana Milbank has details in the story in The Washington Post.

I am really curious....this had to be a MAJOR screw up, but i cannot for the life of me understand how or why.


The "Power" of The Blogosphere!

Just how much power do we bloggers have? Certainly those of us with small audiences have very little. How much power to the biggies?

Dean Barrett, writing over at Hugh Hewitt's place drops some interesting thoughts.

Seems pretty much on point to me!


Monday, March 12, 2007

CAIR Seeks Care.....GOP "Git Her Done!" Prevails???

The CAIR organization in the US is a terrorist organization by most standards.... but they continue to DIG and DIG until they find themselves without support....

Just READ IT!!!!

I hate this fact of Main Stream Media ignorance of the actual facts!


Friday, March 09, 2007

Fitzgerald's Farce....Reality Check!

Time for just a quick check on reality.....

"Time to End Fitzgerald's Folly
By Charles Krauthammer

WASHINGTON -- There are lies and there are memory lapses. Bill Clinton denied under oath having sex with Monica Lewinsky. Unless you're Wilt Chamberlain, sex is not the kind of thing that you forget easily. Sandy Berger denied stuffing classified documents in his pants, an act not quite as elaborate as sex, but still involving a lot of muscle memory, and unlikely to have been honestly forgotten.

Scooter Libby has just been convicted for four felonies that could theoretically give him 25 years in jail for ... what? Misstating when he first heard a certain piece of information, namely the identity of Joe Wilson's wife.

Think about that. Can you remember when was the first time you heard the name Joe Wilson or Valerie Plame? OK, so it is not a preoccupation of yours. But it was a preoccupation of many Washington journalists and government officials called to testify at the Libby trial, and their memories were all over the lot. Former presidential press secretary Ari Fleischer testified under oath that he had not told Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus about Mrs. Wilson. Pincus testified under oath that Fleischer definitely had.

Obviously, one is not telling the truth. But there is no reason to believe that either one is deliberately lying. Pincus and Fleischer are as fallible as any of us. They spend their days receiving and giving information. They can't possibly be expected to remember not only every piece, but precisely when they received every piece.

Should Scooter Libby? He was famously multitasking a large number of national security and domestic issues, receiving hundreds of pieces of information every day from dozens of sources. Yet special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald chose to make Libby's misstatements about the timing of the receipt of one piece of information -- Mrs. Wilson's identity -- the great white whale of his multimillion-dollar prosecutorial juggernaut.

Why? Because on his essential charge as special prosecutor -- find and punish who had leaked Valerie Plame's name -- he had nothing. No conspiracy, no felony, no crime, not even the claim that she was a covert agent covered by the nondisclosure law. Fitzgerald knew the leaker from the very beginning. It was not Libby, but Richard Armitage. He also knew that the "leak'' by the State Department's No. 2 official -- a fierce bureaucratic opponent of the White House and especially the vice president's office -- was an innocent offhand disclosure made to explain how the CIA had improbably chosen Wilson for a WMD mission. (He was recommended by his CIA wife.)

Everyone agrees that Fitzgerald's perjury case against Libby hung on the testimony of NBC's Tim Russert. Libby said that he heard about Plame from Russert. Russert said he had never discussed it. The jury members who have spoken said they believed Russert.

And why should they not? Russert is a perfectly honest man who would not lie. He was undoubtedly giving his best recollection.

But he is not the pope. Given that so many journalists and administration figures were shown to have extremely fallible memories, is it possible that Russert's memory could have been faulty?

I have no idea. But we do know that Russert once denied calling up a Buffalo News reporter to complain about a story. Russert later apologized for the error when he was shown the evidence of a call he had genuinely and completely forgotten.

There is a second instance of Russert innocently misremembering. He stated under oath that he did not know that one may not be accompanied by a lawyer to a grand jury hearing. This fact, in and of itself, is irrelevant to the case, except that, as former prosecutor Victoria Toensing points out, the defense had tapes showing Russert saying on television three times that lawyers are barred from grand jury proceedings.

This demonstration of Russert's fallibility was never shown to the jury. The judge did not allow it. He was upset with the defense because it would not put Libby on the stand -- his perfect Fifth Amendment right -- after hinting in the opening statement that it might. He therefore denied the defense a straightforward demonstration of the fallibility of the witness whose testimony was most decisive.

Toensing thinks this might be the basis for overturning the verdict upon appeal. I hope so. This is a case that never should have been brought, originating in the scandal that never was, in search of a crime -- violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act -- that even the prosecutor never alleged. That's the basis for a presidential pardon. It should have been granted long before this egregious case came to trial. It should be granted now without any further delay."

Gotta love the MSM lies and devious changes in perspective!


Mis-Direction, The Dem Way!

Gingrich admits an affair during the period when Bill Clinton was being attacked for his????


Stop the Insanity! Bill Clinton was never, ever, attacked for his Lewinsky affair!!!

He was attacked for his LYING and PERJURY!

I realize it is so very, very difficult for the Democrats, to this day, to admit Bill LIED, but he did... he perjured himself WAY beyond the meager comments of Scooter Libby.....but the Dems still try to equate the entire thing to an affair.

Somehow the Dems just cannot admit they had a leader who was a criminal.

But just let a Republican admit an affair, and it is the same as what Bill did.....NOT! Gingrich has NOT testified before a grand jury and lied.....He has been forthcoming. Bill Clinton lied and gave false testimony. It is a wonder he got off with losing his license as a lawyer.


NOW & THEN...Dems Do The Reversal Dance!

If any among you have any question what-so-ever about Democratic reversal on their positions regarding Iraq/Iran.....just take a look at:

THIS Compilation of their statements....

Misled??? No, just playing politics with war....playing politics with our military and their efforts, playing politics with lives!!!!


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Senator Inevitable!!!!

Sounds almost like a comic approach to things, but that is the figure cast by the pundits of Hillary-domination!

Thus comes the story of why that is NOT WORKING!!!!

Hillary sinks another battleship of her fleet!

This gal will NOT get it done folks.....Obama is going to lose to Guiliani....

Nuff Said


Poll on Hillary!

Some things are just way funny.......course that depends upon your politics.....

However, today i received this email from a friend:

The Democratic National Committee is currently polling Americans through the country to determine the elect-ability of Hillary Clinton for the presidency of the United States in 2008.

If you would like to show your support for Hillary and encourage her to run for President of the United States in 2008, please add your name to the bottom of the the list below of all the people who have already signed and send it on. Please forward this and don't break the chain. This poll has been circulating since 1/03/07.



Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wanna See What Universal Government Health Care Looks Like?

YOU ARE! Right now.....

Read: THIS & Know!

There is no free lunch, and government in ANY business makes it less responsive, more expensive and WE still pay for it all.


Coldest Weather Records Ignored by Media

Here's the story of many cold records set or nearly-set this February.

Anyone else notice the stories missed the Main Stream (Antique) Media?

The cold was just a weather occurrence, nothing more, nothing less. It had nothing to do with global warming or global cooling. It was just WEATHER!

The fact that it fails to fit the agenda of the MSM is so obvious by the lack of coverage that it is laughable. The simple failure of the MSM to cover this uncovers the bias completely.

Sad day at the News-rock!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Libby, Libby, Libby!

Perspective is required here folks......

The KOS Kids, and the liberals received the Libby guilty verdicts with resounding claims that Cheney, Bush, et al were about to fall. Their cries are ridiculous!

FOLKS get a grip!

Libby was convicted for his lies. He was not telling truth in his responses, folks... It has NOTHING to do with "Outing" Plame! The man in charge of the investigation sez NO MORE CHARGES to be sent forth!

Cheney and Bush were never charged, will not be charged, and thus are not involved in the mess. How nice of the lynch-mob mentality of the BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) folks to avoid facts and fly off into never-never land.

The fact is folks.....WILSON LIED! Remember this LITTLE ARTICLE????, I thought not....The Media tried to bury it so the Plame-Outed story kept legs.

My God, can we gain some form of calm here, and stop the BDS?

What will the Libs fight against once GWB has retired???? They'll be lost...


Compact Parking, Not Parking Compacts!

The major move underway in tight congested New York, certain Japanese cities, etc.... is automated parking.

Popular Mechanics has both a story and a great video.

While, underwater in the case of not likely, the same practice can work above ground. The automated parking places lots more cars in the same area. I could see this in the future at TIA, perhaps. Downtown Tampa would be a great place....and how about tight places such as Davis Island where Tampa General could get lots more cars in a small place.

Perhaps nicest of all is not having to park it yourself. How many dizzy trips have you made up a parking garage level-by-level?

Interesting....but probably lot of years off for Tampa and environs.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Whooops, There Goes Another Problem, Kerplop!!!

The "Inconvenient Truth" of now finding some REVERSALS among the cogniscenti!

A French scientist has performed the famous "reverse field" motion, and is ready to say "It Ain't So!"

Read about it HERE!

I love it, as I have said, from DAY ONE..... This is a manufactured problem...It is the result of some NOR-MAL Earth changes, oft-repeated, and really not a thing to find problematical ......

Nice to know some high voices....quoted by the idiotarians....are switching tune....

Keep watching as this movement away from the "MY GOD WE'RE GONNA DIE" group continues!

I shall....and, you shall be informed!


The Truth Shall Set You Free....As Long as it is YOUR Truth!

The favorite saying of a friend of mine who passed away several years ago in his 80s.

It seems completely appropriate in light of the recent bruhaha over a statement by Ann Coulter at the CPAC, conservative conference.

Coulter spoke out using the term "faggot" about John Edwards (she claims it was a joke). The GOP candidates, to a man, blew a gasket that she had the gall to do so.

The media, and the Dems/Liberals/Kos Kids/et al went C_R_A_Z_Y!!!!!

They found every
reason in the world to attack Coulter.

NOW....Bill Maher speaks out.......READY FOR THIS FOLKS....saying in effect Cheney's Death would save lives & THAT IS OK!!!!! No media problem with such a statement by another public person who is speaking out as a confirmed liberal.

Double Standard......

Yeppers, folks....There is one.

Libs - Say what you like
GOP - Restricted remarks or all hell breaks lose.

Lousy liberal media at the heart once again of not delivering the news, and instead trying VERY, VERY hard to shape and make the news fit their agenda....the liberal agenda.

How wonderful for our free society.

Did anyone guess I am PISSED!?????


Hillary's "Dialect by Location" or How Comes I Speaks This Way in The SOUTH?

Hillary Clinton, in her ever-continuing effort to make herself a living, breathing socially-acceptable person in every state of the union, has begun to "speak in tongues". Tongues that change according to where she currently is physically located!

I have NEVER seen such pandering in my entire life!

(HT: Neal Boortz!)

NO That was NOT a put-on......It is real and really her!

Can you imagine if she spoke in that fashion before a gathering of New Yorkers???? I'll keep the tag on this and gather more as she visits Bah-stun, Luville, and other areas of the country. Wonder how her cowgirl-twang sounds?

I don't believe it....



Just kicking around some thoughts this morning.

Since Duchess and I retired last year...actually, that is not completely true as I am still working a number of hours monthly, on a contractor basis, for my former employer...we seem to have evolved some habits that are almost ritual. Good? Bad? Who knows, but they are there.

For instance this was a now-typical Monday morning. Wake up time, sans-alarm, has become about 7-7:30. Out of bed, the usual visits to restrooms, etc. and then I start the coffee and grab the paper off the drive. Duchess cleans up after beloved cat "CJ". I jump on my PC and read the latest...following a near-set path from Instapundit to Captain's Quarters to Michelle Malkin to Drudge Report, and finally stopping by at Tampablab to check the Tampa Scene. Duchess and I then meet in the kitchen and dining area where I retrieve coffee cups, and creamer (gotta cut that stuff down) and she moves to our one-week-at-a-time pill boxes for their weekly refill.

The newspaper ritual is even part of it. I open the paper, and while she does the pills I glance thru the comics.... Then when she joins me I begin at the front page, and plow through the entire paper while she reads the comics section. I am sure the reason I spend less paper-reading time than she is because my hours spent at the keyboard each day and evening have given me knowledge of about 50-60% of what is in the daily fishwrap. (I'll do a thing soon on how news and the on-line availability of same has changed our lives!).

Other days we also follow the pills/paper/coffee routine, minus the pill-loading process. Sundays there is a variation as we move the paper-reading to the front room and our leather recliners. The coffee and pills I deliver by tray as she awaits her 30 minute delay following her weekly pill to avoid bone density loss.

Ritual.....Good, Bad? Who cares. It feels really comfortable, and following 40 plus years of getting up to an alarm between 4:30am and 6:00am it is almost palpably delicious!


Sunday, March 04, 2007

WiFi - Charge vs Free in The Market Place

Go to your local Starbuck's and pay $6 per hour for WiFi. At the McDonald's it is $2.95 per hour.

Now comes the true entrepreneur......Panera.

Their theory is; if people stay and relax with their laptop......well just read it in the NYT.

That, my friends, will be my choice....

I'll do a piece later on the new Motorola Q.....I believe I am headed that direction for my online away-from-home.



Chris Muir, the talented cartoonist has details in his strip at Day by Day Cartoon.

How about "Gore'd" ?


Racist Cherokees are Protecting ???????

The final tally is a ways off, but the Cherokee nation seems to have voted to eliminate former Cherokee slaves from membership in their tribe.

Fox News has the story.

How very nice, the very indians who have screamed discrimination for many, many years are now practicing said and same themselves.

Ya don't suppose it has anything to do with protecting their gambling income do you?


Friday, March 02, 2007

Gore Buys Carbon Offsets.....(drum roll)....FROM HIMSELF !!!

This is just TOO rich!

AlGore....(eliminating the space between names to save space and energy) is listing as his carbon offset purchases a company he himself founded for profit! His offset is apparently his stock investment????

Bill Hobbs tells the tale....

WOW, step in cow pie, slip and fall and get all shixxy!

Too Rich!

(HT: Little Duke who first heard about it and phoned me.)


Is It Just Me???? Anna Nicole Smith Media Furor

I cannot believe that on a day with the tragedy of many killed in a tornado and also in a bus crash that the funeral of this blonde bimbo gets top shelf coverage rivaling the former Presidents.

Where the hell is the judgement of our news organizations? Makes me sick!


Nifong: I Didn't Do Anything Wrong, and If I Did I Didn't Mean To, and Anyway I Don't Remember Anything!

Blathering over hundreds of pages DA Nifong of the Duke lacrosse rape/kidnapping case seems to say exactly what I used for a title.

This idiot was quick to judge, cover information that was supposed to be shared, and publicly damn people before they were even charged. Now he is about to face loss of his law license...and, perhaps criminal charges so he begins the slip-slide NC two-Step.

You have to read about it to see how far out he goes.

I sincerely hope this man gets jail time, not just loss of his law license. He has caused harm to at least four lives for the purpose of getting himself re-elected. What a sad, sad man he is.


Salmonella In More Than Peanut Butter!

You probably will not see much about this in the media, but there is Salmonella in more than peanut butter from that Georgia plant.

A number of ice creams and ice cream toppings are also involved.....

Read the article HERE & check your pantry!


Global warming......ON MARS?

Those pesky humans are even warming Mars....WHAT?

Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit Tells the tale.

I believe he is right. We tend to be a people of over reaction to problems and the provision of their solutions. If, indeed, the global warming thing is being overplayed, as I feel strongly it is, then the result would be exactly what Instapundit suggests...a dangerour over reaction the opposite way wherein mankind does nothing to stop the what pollution of our planet.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

McCain, M.I.A.????

Not to make too much of the situation, but just why is it John McCain, working sooooo hard to be our GOP candidate, is missing all the conservative gatherings????

Could it be he is NOT conservative, and afraid of the questions he might face?

Here is his REPORT CARD as provided by an admittedly Pro-Mitt Romney group!

Seems right to me, and I believe that McCain has modified his stance too much and become, as I earlier reported, the Kerry flip-flop of 2008. I believe his campaign is D-E-A-D.....

We shall see!


Straw Poll - Pajamas Media

I have joined the sites offering the Pajamas Media Straw Poll for the Presidential race in 2008....

You will find the patch at the right column, and down a bit from top of the opening page.....Use it, vote, and we'll report on what happens as it goes!


Speak Softly, But Carry A BIG Oil Can (Divided)!

I know, makes not a lot of sense....but it will after you visit Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters for the definition of the almost-quiet moves to bring the factions in Iraq on-board for the division of oil profits....a move which could likely end sectarian violence.

You'll not see this take on the agreement from the Antique Media!


The Harbingers of DOOM!!!!

The Main Stream (Old Guard) Media are bellowing about the stock market and its perceived (by them) collapse.....the headlines are instant and always negative.....

Down by about 70 points currently (10:15am), the DOW is trumpeted as a major move...

What does 70 points mean? It means a drop of 0.5%.....a half a percent.... But to read the MSM's screaming cry you'd think it was megadoom for the market. How quaint. The important thing to watch here is....if there were a DEMOCRAT in the President's seat the market's movement would be "non-news". Just look back at the coverage during "Wet Willie's" will find such things to be minor or non-existent.

How convenient for the liberal media to report what they WANT, not what is happening. I am still (as a former newsman, 30 plus years removed) confused as to when the media made the move to full-liberal from covering the actual news unbiased...something I and my "troop" of reporters worked really hard to do.