Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito as the MSM Headlines the Event!

Let us check them out......


Battle Brewing
Bush nominates Judge Samuel Alito to U.S. Supreme Court
Senate Democrats already coming out against experienced judge; GOP solid in praise for nominee

CBS News:

Conservatives Cheer Bush ChoiceIn the wake of Harriet Miers' withdrawn nomination, President Bush turned to veteran judge Samuel Alito as his latest pick for the Supreme Court. In a political twist, conservatives welcomed the selection, while Democrats railed against it.

NBC (shown as MSN):

Alito bid sparks court battle

ABC News:

Will the Senate go "nuclear" over President Bush's new High Court pick?

WOW.....what a crop of things to consider.....are there ANY positives?????

But then there is CNN News!: (note only one quote, from a DEM)

Political opponents were gearing up Monday for a fight over President Bush's new Supreme Court nominee, Circuit Court Judge Samuel Alito. Conservatives praised the choice, while liberals signaled a contentious confirmation hearing is ahead for the nominee. "This is a needlessly provocative nomination," said Sen. Pat Leahy, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee.

Let the games begin.....and this time a GOP majority WILL prevail!

At least I sincerely hope so!


Alito - This is a Winner in Many Ways!


Pres Bush has recovered and gone beyond in this humble writer's look at things!

Let us examine a few facts:

Alito is a CONSERVATIVE! (1st boost)

He is EXPERIENCED! (2nd Boost)

He is NOT on record in anything which smacks of problems for him as a judge, nor as a potential Supreme! (3rd Boost)

Ed at "Captain's Quarters" has his usual sharp review of what it means for the happless Demos and the GOP

"Of course, the Democrats blew their one opportunity to get a moderate on the bench during the Bush administration by waiting until Miers withdrew before defending her. Prior to that, Charles Schumer and Pat Leahy took great pains to call her questionnaire response "insulting" and echoing conservative complaints that her resume seemed too lightweight for a nomination to the Supreme Court. Had they pledged to support her, Bush likely would have allowed her to coast through the hearings to a floor vote despite the dissatisfaction on the right.

Now Bush has nominated a jurist with a solid track record and a reputation for a scholarly and consistent approach to Constitutional issues. However, unlike some of the other people on the list, such as Janice Rogers Brown, Alito does not produce a knee-jerk reaction on the Left. The two organizations that have pushed the disastrous obstructionist strategy for the Democrats, People for the American Way and Alliance for Justice, don't even have a ready profile for opposition to Alito, despite his long residence on conservative short lists.

This is too good....

Finally a face off....finally a do or die....(I hope) for the candidate....Will somebodies please go beat the Gang of 7 GOPs from the previous "agreement" soundly about the head and shoulders to wake them to the fact THIS is the time to BE GOP!


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing!

The fact of how MSM (Tampa Local) responds to the Libby indictment are just too unbelievable to be rationalized!

Fact: One senior staff person of the VP is indicted.....NOT for anything related to the Plame outing....But instead for the deed of thinking they could evade the charge by lying strong enough to do so......Not a good idea in today's market....


What is the deal?.....MSM folk are launching this as totally eroding the Bush Presidency....


This Is an underling to the VP, not even connected to the Prez.....If such had occurred (& it did!) to Clinton, it would have not created a ripple on the pond for the MSM!

Gosh is bias rearing it's ugly head......Why of course not.....The MSM is completely unbiased. (Check your Sandy "Pants" Burger coverage)......

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Small Business Grows Us ALL!

Just back from reading the post by Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) re: small business and how it impacts employment read ithere
I'll have to do some research vis-a-vis the US Chamber of Commerce, however I am sure the old figures back when I was a Chamber Exec (70s folks, I am older) were that 4 out of 5 new jobs in the USA were created by small businesses (read 10 employees or less).

The idea is there are "millions" of small businesses, thus the majors with thousands of employees pale beside the comparison to small folk who employ 1 to 5 or more each and thus create massive amounts of new jobs!


Where's The Blogo-response?

I sit here, from about 9 this morning til now and wait, and wait....


Andrew Heyward, CBS News President has announced he will be leaving....and more importantly, the network has already announced his replacement.

The man supported and followed Rather. There was amazement at the time that he stayed at the helm. Now he leaves, even if under a secure blanket of "stepping aside".

I truly thought there would be some sort of response from the bloggers who were so intensely involved during the Rather-Escapades.....

This man condoned idiotic reasoning, and absurd backups for "it is truth, even if the documents are false"....

I am amazed he lasted this long, and it is a tribute to the dead MSM and their views of themselves....

Come on blogophiles....tell me what you think!


Economics 101 - Walmart Style!

So the head of Walmart, H. Lee Scott Jr., has called on Congress to raise the minimum wage. In a speech to his directors on Monday, Scott said the company’s customers are “struggling to get by”. He went on to say “We are seeing an increase in spending on the 1st and 15th of each month and less spending at the end of the month, letting us know that our customers simply don’t have the money to but basic necessities between paychecks.”

Where do I start? First, let me make sure I have this straight. Scott wants the Feds to force employers to pay their people more so that Walmart can make more money at the end of the month. Well Mr. Scott, would it be easier if the State were to just take the money by force from business owners and give it directly to you? How about if we just raise taxes on those evil rich and give the money to anyone that claims to shop at Walmart, they obviously need it!

Is that the new Walmart Slogan “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.”? Oops, I’m sorry, that one is already taken by the Socialists. I guess Capitalism and Free Markets mean nothing to a company that routinely asks local Governments to “condemn” and then confiscate properties so a Walmart may build there. I’m starting to understand the Socialist mindset of the leaders of Walmart.

One more Quote from Scott. “One can’t help but think if they want people to have more money, how about paying your workers more?” You’re so right Mr. Scott; let’s force employers to pay their people at least $100 per hour. That way everyone would have lots of extra money to spend and our economy would soar! Of course, anyone with better than a middle school education should know that a rise in the cost of doing business would force a rise in prices until we were back where we started.

The fact that Mr. Scott is Chief Executive proves Walmart’s new slogan is in force. With out the ability to understand basic economics, how can he have the ability to run a big corporation? “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.”

Obviously, Mr. Scott “needed” the work.

Little Duke

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I Oppose The Miers Nomination!

Yes, I do oppose the Miers nomination....and hope the current poll by NZBear here makes it clear that there is a LOT of controversy over this troubled nomination.

For my part the solution is one of three parts;

1. She simply has no positions on anything that indicates she is other than a "follower", bendable by her current post. That does not sit well with me as it means no clear positions on major decisions while sitting on the court.

2. She has detractors from such a broad base as to limit the ability of the GOP/Meirs base (whatever that is) to push her through. At best it will be a dirty, dirty thing....far removed from the strictly partisan politics we have seen for the past two years.

3. What happened to GWB's pledge to turn the court? Not evident in this pick. It fails to form a coalition of the willing (to support her) from ANY group or organization, and in fact smacks of liberal Democratic thinking smacking of trying to push a round peg into a square hole.


Vay-Kay-Shun 2

Mentioned we spent last week at the beach (Madeira Beach, FL). Didn't get too much into why we love it so.

In 1991 the Dutchess and I spent our 1st week there at the timeshare; one she had owned when we got together, but had never visited for a week.

We have gone the same week (week 42, by RCI standards) every year since. Met many friends who returned year after year, and most still do.

We bought a 2nd week (week 21) in May, and bank it usually to use elsewhere. We have been to Fontana Village, NC; Cashiers, NC; Lake Genva, WI; and Galveston, TX. Many folks we meet own several weeks to multiple months of time, and travel about all over. RCI has units in most countries of the world, and almost all states in the USA.

We bought a week attached to our week 42 (week 43, of course) in the same unit, so now we can stay 2 weeks and enjoy the beach at the time when it traditionally cools off and becomes really nice.

Then son, Little Duke and I jointly bought a 2nd unit in week 42, a two bedroom unit which we use for he and his family, plus other family members who can get there. Makes for a mini-family/friend get together annually at the beach. Something we enjoy no end!

it has become a special time for us, and a focal point for our October/Fall.


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Two Thousand Dead!

There it is will be, without a doubt, trumpeted from the highest MSM peaks, and previewed as a "Major" event.......

The magic for the MSM scribes is....a milestone, and they hope a millstone to tie to the neck of GWB.

How unfortunate that they will ignore the fact that the total death count for the time in Iraq is LESS than some weeks in Vietnam!

How inconvient to report the totals and then relate them to the dead of Vietnam....
This will, of course, not be done!

Just the number.....2,000

That is all you will hear, that is all you will find in the media spotlight.....damned if it is over three years, and much, much less than the "pre-supposed" number of dead from the 1st week!

Gosh, what a sparkling event this could be for the enlightened....we lost "so few" in the time of fighting....but, I guarantee you will think it is of the proportions of Vietnam before the MSM is finished....

I guess they have been preparing for this event much the same as the preparation ofr the death of a major player...Bush, Cheney, etc....

Let us see what unfolds!



Been doing same.....time share on Madeira Beach, Florida.

Been going there, same place, same week, same friends for 15 years!

Now back.

Will be posting a lot (was without contact at the beach!)


Friday, October 14, 2005

Major Events Preclude Posts!

Sounds like an MSM headline!

Actually, it is a transitional event in the lives of Duke and Dutchess.....

We have, within the past two weeks, purchased our "Dream Machine".....our very own 33' "MotorCoach".....

Yeppers, a full-fledged RV....Just what we have dreamed of for 4-5 years, and planned for, and searched....etc.

Now we have it.

Two days of enjoying our 1st outing (not a great place, but a nice time anyway due our unit and its offerings.)

We'll be back, but for now posts will be limited!



UPDATE: Well, actually, there is more.....I have initiated a new blog....just to retell our stories of RV ownership and the transition from beginner, hopefully to an accomplished user...with tips, hints, and clues for all!!!!

Check us out at: Our Blog!

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Come to Think of It!....

Sometimes a short statement by someone just sets off the alarms in my head with its complete correctness!

Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds, for anyone who has never surfed the blogs) offered a close to one of his as-usual brief comments:

"Am I wrong, or is politics just getting . . . Dumber lately"?

His quote comes at the end of a brief story: here.

While Glenn was referring to the Sandy "Pants" Berger episode...And the use now by the Clintonistas to answer this week's charges by Freeh...There is much more meat to this claim if one but lists the recent actions of many;

Howard Dean continues to scoop most of the politicos with his rants off the edge of the page.

Kennedy is always good for an off-message rant that offers no meat, but lots of, er, gas?

Louisiana officials from mayor to governor to senator completely lose touch with reality both before and after Katrina.

Pelosi in California comes out swinging with a mop and few facts.

In his stellar utilization of powers as State's Attorney, Mr. Earle has seemingly muddied any ideas of right or wrong by being so blind in his need to charge DeLay with something, anything...That he has apparently opened himself to much criticism, and perhaps some charges by literally seizing the Grand Jury format as a weapon.. While ignoring facts and things like dates when laws were enacted.

President Bush seems to have made an ill-advised choice for Supreme; one which has both provided fodder for the Democrats on cronyism charges, and fractured his base with its apparent ineptitude.

The list could be pages and pages, but I believe the point is made.

There is some basic point of politics which has allowed these participants in the game to begin to assume one of two things; They themselves are so very, very believed by their followers as to be immune to fact and reality, or, that the public will eventually agree to anything they say out of stupidity.

I, for one, and I am sure I am not alone, find politics to be enough to make me nauseous...frequently!


Friday, October 07, 2005

Think About It!!!!!

Then check the thoughts of the "Hindrocket", John has a simply-put thought which sez volumes!!!!

Read it: "In the current climate of endless carping about President Bush's handling of the war against Islamic terrorists, it is important to remember the fecklessness of the Clinton administration's approach. Is there any reason to think that another Democrat--hey, worse than that, another Clinton!--would do better if elected in 2008?"

OK by me!

Think About It!!!!!

Then check the thoughts of the "Hindrocket", John has a simply-put thought which sez volumes!!!!

Read it: "In the current climate of endless carping about President Bush's handling of the war against Islamic terrorists, it is important to remember the fecklessness of the Clinton administration's approach. Is there any reason to think that another Democrat--hey, worse than that, another Clinton!--would do better if elected in 2008?"

OK by me!

& We GUESS Again!

The fact is....the nomination of his own lawyer to the Supremes has caused consternation among the troops....particularly the "Conservatives".....

I was opposed at first, but there are arguements to the contrary which seem quite well-spoken!

Check from polipundit!

It gives one pause to consider the fact that perhaps many of the regular conservatives have, all along, NOT trusted DUBYA when he has produced an unprecedented string of WINS!

Think about it, friends....


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Media "BIAS" is Showing...Oh Boy!

Yeppers it is.....let us read from the good book of Michelle!


And Enjoy!!!!!!


Go!!!!! Ronnie Earle! - You are a won-der-ful help!

Yeppers (my favorite word)......This guy Ronnie Earle is just a joy!

This idiotic State's Attorney....a Texas Demo All-Star....has announced more charges against Tom Delay. These charges come from the NEW grand jury replacing the one which failed to indict DeLay on many of the charges Ro-nay sought.....The new Grand Jury must be REALLY maleable!

The general assimilation of this data indicates the DA is totally oblivious to facts! & the facts seems to indicate the idiot is going to eat most of his charges PRIOR to trial!


Hope So!


The "Rough Rider" Had it Right!

I am a firm believer, as un-politically correct as it may be......

Theodore Roosevelt on immigrants!

"In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Theodore Roosevelt 1907

Somewhere our rights, responsibilities, etc. were usurped by those espousing PCness, while, in fact, espousing a decimation of the American Way and what we came from!


Not A Consensus,But Bad Move Anyway!

Once again, it would appear, George Bush has taken a mandate in the form of full control of congress and the presidency and waffled into a compromise mode on the SCOTUS nomination. I feel, as do many conservatives, a bit abandoned!

Michelle Malkin states it about as well as any I have seen:

"President George Bush has once again given those of us who supported he and the GOP reason to be in grave doubt about our decision.A small minority of readers say we should wait and see, trust Bush, and hold out hope that Miers is a stealth candidate. This last line of defense is truly pathetic. We have a Republican House. A Republican Senate. And a Republican White House. Why is it, after working so hard to put a president in power who promised to appoint conservative judges, that we have to settle for crossing our fingers and accepting a blank-slate Supreme Court nominee with an ideological paper bag over her head."

Read the entire

On the other hand Neal Boortz calls it a "Punt" by the Pres....

"Politically hobbled by low poll numbers, President Bush decided yesterday that he was going to make the safe choice for his next Supreme Court nominee. Did he follow in his father's footsteps, picking a strict constitutionalist and strong conservative as Bush Sr. did when he nominated the 43-year-old Clarence Thomas?

Nope. Instead, we get his 60-year-old personal lawyer, Harriet Miers. Sorry to say it, but this one looks like a deal with the Democrats. For proof of this, you need look no further than the comments from Democratic minority leader Harry Reid on the nominee: "I like Harriet Miers." Bush was also supposedly told by some "Republicans" in the Senate that he had little chance of getting a conservative confirmed. So here we are."

I am just discouraged across the board.....immigration, SCOTUS, Social Security.... Just too many loses or ties from a majority(?) party....and then, throw in the massive budget growth and you have a losing 2006 formula.